Vermont Civil War Timeline
What Happened Today, 2 October
Date Event

October 2, 1862

Edwin F. Palmer, 13th Regiment, wrote about 'camp life as he saw it' (more)

October 2, 1863

Newton Glazier, 11th Regiment, from Brattleboro (more)

October 2, 1864

Portus Baxter Smith, 11th Regiment, made an entry in his journal. (more)

October 2, 1864

Captain Greene, commanding East Gulf Blockading Squadron, reported to Secretary Welles, on the arrival of the schooner O. H. Lee, Acting Master Oliver Thacher, from Boston, and her assignment to blockading duties at St. Marks. (ORN)

October 2, 1864

Rear Admiral Farragut informed Secretary Welles that Captain Theodore P. Greene, in Key West, had refused to accept new sailors from USS Kensington when it visited, 'on the ground, which appears to me to be a just one, they would only fall victims to the yellow fever.' (ORN)

October 2, 1864

Eugene W. Rolfe, 3rd Battery, wrote in his diary (more)

October 2, 1865

William H. Flint, 2nd Battery, wrote in his diary (more)

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