Vermont Civil War Timeline
What Happened Today, 4 August
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August 4, 1861

1st Regiment 'embarked upon two steamers, 'Ben de Ford' and 'S. R. Spaulding,' and sailed directly to New Haven, where it took the cars for Brattleboro, arriving there late at night on the 7th.' (Peck)

August 4, 1863

William H. Flint, 2nd Battery, wrote in his diary (more)

August 4, 1863

Commodore H. H. Bell, off New Orleans, to Secretary Welles: 'The Brooklyn, under the command of Lieutenant-Commander Hatfield, will touch at South West Pass to receive her commander, Captain Emmons, and then proceed to the North.' (ORN)

August 4, 1864

Abstract log of USS Saratoga: At 1 a.m. John W. McReynolds returned in a canoe; reported the boats not arrived at the landing. At 1:30 dispatched him at once to go in search of the boats, and to take them to the right landing. At 2:30 called all hands to quarters, a hail from a boat being reported. Nothing further taking place, piped down at 3 a.m. At 1:30 p.m. the expedition returned with 26 prisoners. John Steward, seaman, missing. (ORN)

August 4, 1864

Eugene W. Rolfe, 3rd Battery, wrote in his diary (more)

August 4, 1865

Acting Assistant Paymaster Henry G. Colby, USS Essex, was one of eleven paymasters detached from vessels in the Mississippi Squadron and 'ordered to report by letter to the Department for settlement of their accounts.' (ORN)

August 4, 1886

Twentieth National GAR Encampment, San Francisco, CA, 4-6 August 1886 (Encampments)

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