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What Happened Today, 23 July
1862/07/23Extract from the report of Commander Renshaw, US Navy, commanding division of Mortar Flotilla, regarding the operations of his command: '… Acting Assistant Surgeon E. H. Allis … for kind and unremitting attention to the sick… (ORN)
1863/07/23Captain Emmons to Rear Admiral Farragut: 'I received your order by the Winona. I am on my way up to relieve the Richmond. (ORN)
1863/07/23Captain Emmons, USS Monongahela, commanding Division in Mississippi, to Commander Robert Townsend, US Ironclad Essex, Donaldsonville: 'I am ordered to relieve the Richmond, Captain Jenkins, at Port Hudson, and for the present look to you for the protection of this place and points on the river below. (ORN)