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Underhill - Jericho Picture of the Veterans in front of the Grand Army of the Republic Hall The Lucius Bostwick post, organized 1883 with 61 members; built GAR Hall with most of labor and materials furnished by veterans.

Based on preliminary research, based on date of death of the veterans, the photo was taken between 1883 and 1898.

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In Picture From Left to Right

A. W. EdwardsM. Tierney
----------A. C. Humphrey
M. Hoskins Robt. White
A .F. BenedickRes. E. Wheelock
J. M. Carpenter M. L. Mead
J. M. JacksonRev. S. S. Brigham
A. B. Atchinson T. S. Whipple
V. N. Plant Louis Tatro
Geo. Batchelder Geo. W. Tubbs
G. C. BicknellRobt. ----------
F. A. Fuller H. L. Ellsworth
Geo. LasselleT. H. Preston
H. N. GoodwinA. H. McKee
E. C. WellsWm. R. Woodruff
H. H. Paine Henry Chase
J. J. Monahan S. A. Hale
Calvin Putnam
S. M. Palmer
Jas. Flynn
Jas. Carroll
L. Remington
B. B. Mattimore
P. Bullock
A. N Clark
John Harmon alias Ike Goodrich

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