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Book of Personal War Sketches
Presented to

L. H. Bostwick Post No. 69


Department of Vermont


Woman's Relief Corps N0. 19


Thomas W. Thorp


Grand Army of the Republic
Record of Presentation and Acceptance

This book has been property of the post for fourteen years with no record placed in it and the opportunity to accrue some of the records has passed. It was presented to the post by Comrade A. C. Humphrey at a largely attended camp fire in the G.A.R. Hall. Comrade Humphrey said in part. Commander and Comrades. I have been entrusted with a very pleasant duty and deem it an honor to serve a medium of communication between the Ladies of L. H. Bostwick Relief Corps and our honored citizen Thomas W. Thorp whose public spirit and patriotic impulses have been illustrated in this gift, also our model landlord and commander T. S. Whipple. I am charged to say to you that they are deeply sensible to the dept of gratitude which the Republic owes to you and your comrades of the G. A. R. We look out upon a glorious nation, unrivaled in prosperity and the progress of its people, a nation whose Flag is respected wherever it floats, a nation which has demonstrated its preeminence in the arts of peace as well as is power in the mighty shock of war, and moving onward believing this government is secure against domestic foes, and foreign attack. For the fearless position and grand development of our common country, they for whom I speak owe a dept of gratitude to you and your comrades who successfully defended and served it in the time of cruel war, and this would render to all who carried the colors or the musket their full need of honor. You are gathered from many commands and preserve the glory of many fields and while it is not possible erect stately shafts of marble for every soldier in the ranks yet every soldier deserves that his honorable record shall be persevered. This has been made possible though the generosity of these patriotic Ladies and citizens whom I represent and this volume shall perpetuate your individual part in the suppression of the Rebellion and in their name I now present you this Memorial volume with best wishes.

From The G.A. R. Book
From the History of Jericho Vermont 1763-1916

A beautiful Book for personal war sketches was presented to the Post and Relief Corps, by Thomas W. Thorp and T.S. Whipple, and was accepted for the Post by comrade A. C. Humphrey at a largely attended Camp- fire in the hall.

Comrade Humphrey paid an eloquent tribute to the bravery of the members of the Post, as well as all the soldiers who had borne an honorable part in the service, which made our country once more a united nation, with the Old Flag triumphant. The Post believed that it was not good for man to be alone, and they very early took to themselves a helpmeet in the organization of the Woman's Relief Corps, and these two organizations have worked in harmony to promote fraternity, charity, and loyalty to which they are mutually pledged.

Amos C. Humphrey

Born 20th June 1840 in Underhill. He enlisted June 14 1861 at Burlington as a private in Co. G 2nd Vermont Regt. The first battle in which he was engaged was First Bull Run. Later he was engaged at Lee's Mill, Williamsburgh, Goulding's Farm, Savage Station. White Creek Swamp, Crampton's Pass, Antietam, Fredericksburg. Mary Heights, Banks Ford Franklin Ford, Gettysburg Funkstown Rappahannock Station, Mine Run, Popple Grove, Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbour and was under fire in ten other engagements. He was wounded at Fredericksburg and the Wilderness, but was never in hospital. He was promoted to Corporal Aug. 9 1862, In July 1863 right after the Battle of Gettysburg he was sent to Brattleboro Vt. for recruits, being absent until the return of the Vermont Brigade from New York, When he returned with 200 recruits which were sent to different Companies of the regt. After a long and Honorable service in the old brigade whose men were distinguished for bravery he was discharged at Brattleboro June 29 1864 at expiration of term of service. Some of his most intimate comrades were George Howard, Henry J. Bass and Seely Spalding. He was a resident of Underhill when enlisted into the post which has honored him by making him Commander as well as other offices of importance, in all of which he rendered valuable assistance.
Died Jan. 6 1920
Buried Underhill Vermont (See obituary)

William M. Naramore

Was born 10th October 1844 in Underhill Vermont.

He enlisted from Underhill Sept. 10 1862, as a Private in Co. F 13th Vermont Volunteers Infantry, Mustered in Oct. 10th 1862. Assigned to duty in the Ambulance Corps, and had a varied experience. One of the incidents was being captured by a scouting party of Rebs, while stuck in a Virginia Mud Hole with his team. Mustered out July 21st 1863. Again entered the service as a Sergt. in Co. K 17th Vt. Vol. Inf. Aug. 10th 1864 and mustered out 14th 1865. He married Medora L Porter, and out of this union Two sons and a daughter were born to them. A Merchant by occupation in Underhill and then moved to Bakersfield Vt.

He died Sept. 30th 1919 (See obituary)

Simon M. Palmer

Was born 21st April 1841 in Jericho Vermont.

He enlisted from Underhill as a Private in Co. A 2nd Regiment Vermont Volunteers, August 18th 1864. The first Battle in which the Regiment took part after the arrival of these recruits, was at Cedar Creek. He witnessed the arrival of Sheridan from his famous ride from Winchester. On the 2nd of April this Regiment as part of the Old Vermont Brigade were hotly engaged in the struggle which resulted in the evacuation of Petersburg, and later joined in the pursuit of Lee, exhibiting much bravery and indurance during the long hard march. He was a Farmer and a resident of Underhill when he was mustered into this Post as Charter Member Dec. 12th 1889. He has held office of Commander, and is Quartermaster at present.

Died Sept. 29th 1924. Buried at Underhill Vt.

Lewis Tatro

Born in St. Johns in the Province of Quebec. He enlisted from Underhill Sept 6th 1862. as private in Co. E 2nd Regt. Vermont Infantry, and after being in service Two months and 12 days was discharged because of disability, Nov. 18 1862. Nature of the disability not given. He was a Barber and a resident of Underhill when he was mustered into the post Dec. 12th 1883.

(See obituary)

Thaddeus S. Whipple

Born 21st Oct. 1832 in Cambridge Vt. He enlisted Sept. 8 1862 as a drummer in Co. E 13th Regt. Vermont Volunteers. This Regt. was hotly engaged in the decisive Battle of Gettysburg. He was promoted to the Drum Major June 20th 1863 and discharged July 21st 1863. By reason of expiration of term of service. He was a Hotel keeper [the Custer House Underhill Flats] and a resident of Underhill when he joined the Post, and has held the office of Commander as well as others of importance and trust.
Died Oct. 13 1913 (See obituary).

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