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Underhill Historical Society Archives
Recalls St. Albans Raid

Letter Written by Raider Entertained at Hotel in That Place.

Away Down East in the State of Maine,
Nov. 25, 1864

My dear Mr. Skinner:

I wrote this to remind you of the fact that a short time ago- as well as I can remember about the 19th of Oct. last- I with a companion were guests at your House for a day or two. We came there in accordance with previous arrangments for the transaction of some important business, and I have to regret that in the tumult and excitment which accompanied the discharge of the object of our mission, I neglected, in taking my exit from your house, to settle the "bill." I therefore enclose you, herein, a check for $5.00 on the bank of St. Albans where my deposits are kept {?} which sum, I presume, will cover the amount. You will please take occasion on presenting the check, to tender my warmest regards to Mr. Bishop, the cashier, and hasten to assure him he need not be so alarmed at this demand as it is not likely to be supported, as on the former occasion, by those two fifteen- inch Howitzers which had such a demoralizing effect upon him. Tell him I trust he still bears that true faith and aliegiance to the Confederate States of America which he then so solemly swore that he would do. I have not seen anything of that other old gent whom I took to the President of the institution at the time we superseced him and were running it. Yet I presume he is still remaining faithful to his pledge and is immutably "fixed" to that "old arm chair" which he was ordered to occupy and not move from till released; if so, tell the old Boogar his time of service is expired and he is hereby discharged from further duty, and if he choose, can go about taking that little minute of the amount he paid over to us which he was so desirous of obtaining at the time. I also in the haste of my departure from town left in my room at your Hotel, a carpet sack containing, among sundry other things, a flask of real old rifle whiskey which I have no doubt you have confiscated, But if not Disposed of I hope you will allow me to raise the mortgage and recover it. It is a very superior of the aforementioned brand and was intended to have been used by us in case of an axhaustion of our ammunition as it is warranted to "hold up" and "kill" at the distance of four hundred yards. My ruffled- bosomed shirt and the other articals of wearing apparel you will have done up in a faultless style and retained subject to my orders. You will do me the favor, also to remember me most kindly to the young lady who occupied the room adjoining mine. and whose good opinion it was the good fortune of my-self and companion to win on account of our "theological procilities." Make to her a bow in your most inimitable, fascinating style and acknowledge my grateful sence of the honor she has done me. Tell her I am deeply indebted to her for the soothing influence which the music of her syren voice exerted upon me on the dawning of that memorable day when she sang for me the words of that beautiful and appealing song, "Just before the Battle Mother." It assuredly gave me great encouragement for the work before me, no doubt, in a great measure enabled me to perform my part of it successfully. I will now close by earnestly requesting you to extend my compliments to all my friends in St. Albans and the officers of the various banking institutions particularly.

Yours respectfully,



Cashier of the bank of the St Albans, Please pay on demand of the bearer the sum of $5.00 and charge the same to--

Military Necessity.

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