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Bernard Noble's Biographies Project

Bernard Noble, resident of New Haven, Vermont, is a retired teacher of thirty-four years in the Middle School grades of Middlebury and Bristol, Vermont. A life-long student of American history with a particular interest in the American Revolution and the Civil War, he lives in a region that includes several prominent Revolutionary War historic sites, among them Mount Independence in Orwell, Vermont. He is co-founder and past board member of that site's friends' group, the Mount Independence Coalition. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Education from the University of Vermont in 1970. He earned a Master's Degree from Middlebury College, Bread Loaf School of English, in 1983. He has participated in archaeological work at Mount Independence, Vermont and at Rogers' Island, New York conducted under the direction of David Starbuck. Additionally, he is a member of Whitcomb's Independent Corps of Rangers, an 18th Century American Revolutionary War reenactment group. He has authored numerous monographs on the people, places and events of the Revolutionary War in the Lake Champlain Valley region. His most recent publication was an article on Chesser's Mill located in Fort Edward, New York in the 2016 annual journal of the Washington County Historical Society. He has spoken frequently to museums, schools and historical societies in the area on the subject of Mount Independence. Currently, he has launched an ambitious project to tell the life stories of every civil war veteran buried in Addison County, Vermont cemeteries. To date, he has covered the towns of Goshen, Leicester, Orwell and New Haven in three separate volumes entitled "Someone's Darling Slumbers Here". A fourth volume on Bristol's veterans is now in the drafting stage.

Bernie has contributed 170 biographies!

Abbott, Abram S. Jr.
Abell, Charles Emmet
Ackerman, Silas Ranney
Adams, Albert Moses
Alden, William Seymour
Alexander, Eugene
Alexander, Samuel C.
Allen, Henry B.
Allen, John
Ashline, Solomon
Atkins, Alson D.
Ayers, Dana C.
Ayers, Ezra
Ayers, Hiram David
Baird, Wolcott Jr.
Baker, Lewis A.
Ball, Edward C.
Bancroft, Edwin R.
Barton, Harvey
Bates, Hiram Proctor
Bates, Levi William
Beham, Alfred
Benedict, Addison C.
Bicknell, William Edgar
Birchard, Willard
Bird, Elijah W.
Bird, James B.
Bird, Riley A.
Bishop, Samuel
Bissonette, Dennis
Blood, Amos
Blood, Phineas Homer
Bostwick, Homer
Bowers, Charles
Brock, John N.
Brock, John N. Jr.
Brooks, Henry
Brown, Daniel Bryant
Brown, Sherrod
Brown, Wickliffe L.
Bush, Napoleon B.
Butler, Abram
Butler, Henry
Cadwell, Miles Powell Squier
Carl, Rollin M.
Carpenter, Joel V.
Chapin, Ovette Myron
Chase, Raselus D.
Child, Andrew Jackson
Church, Charles F.
Clapper, Charles Jessie
Clark, Chauncey L.
Clark, James
Clark, Myron A.
Cobb, William H.
Coburn, James Monroe
Coburn, John M.
Cole, William T.
Comstock, Lewis A.
Cook, Lewis Bionson
Coolidge, Henry W.
Crandall, Oscar C.
Crane, Augustus Jason
Crosier, Eugene
Crosier, Nelson
Crosier, Silas
Cross, Ferrin A.
Cummings, William
Cushman, Adolphus J.
Cutting, James R.
Danforth, Alonzo W.
Day, David Simon
Delong, Lowell
Delong, Richard L.
Denno, Maxime C.
Dickerman, Lyman York
Drake, Oliver B.
Dunn, Thomas R.
Dunshee, Noble F.
Dunshee, Warner Bradley
Durphey, Prosper Jr.
Dutton, Henry Forest
Dutton, Lewis Tippecanoe
Dwyer, Philip
Elliott, John
Ferguson, Erwin Henry
Field, Alonzo H.
Gage, Edgar W.
Goodroe, Frank Jr.
Grinnell, Frank W.
Griswold, Sidney E.
Grover, Jesse C.
Hack, Henry Eugene
Hammel, John
Hayes, John
Heitmann, Hermann H.
Hibbard, Henry George
Himes, Bernis W.
Hinman, William H.
Hodge, Walter D.
Hooker, Heman
Horton, Charles N.
Hoyt, Jonathan Mills
Jackman, Henry S.
Jackson, Henry E.
Jones, Jared Lorenzo
Kellogg, Henry E.
Kendall, Eleazer Jr.
Kimball, James W.
King, Elmer Miller
Kingsley, Elihu H.
Lawrence, Anthony
Lawrence, Joseph Phillip
Lillie, James F.
Lilly, Calvin R.
Martin, Alonzo
Mason, Andrew Jackson
Mason, Charles W.
McGibbon, James R.
Mills, Ira
Monger, John A.
Monger, Nathan Anson
Morse, Ira Elisha
Munger, William T.
Murdick, Newton I.
Nailor, Edward
Nichols, Azro E.
Noland, Henry
Noland, Jerome B.
Noland, Matthias W.
Norton, Noah N.
Perry, Albert W.
Pinney, William Washburn
Plue, Freeman
Pond, George R.
Powers, Martin H.
Raymond, Edson M.
Raymond, Isaac W.
Richardson, William Tell
Robbins, George B.
Rogers, Charles W.
Rogers, George S.
Roleau, Dorr A.
Roscoe, Henry C.
Rounds, Byron C.
Royce, Henry Leander
Sayles, Orville A.
Shedrick, George
Smith, Hiram Jr.
Smith, Rodney
Smith, William
Spaulding, Charles Witherell
Squire, Andrew George
Squire, Argalus L.
Steadman, Jonathan
Stedman, Francis Cullen
Stedman, Irwin Wisewell
Sturtevant, Wesley C.
Thomas, Henry C.
Tyler, Hiram
Varney, George W.
Walker, Loren S.
Walker, William Dwight
Ward, Rollin C.
Washburn, George F.
Weston, Sidney Eugene
Whittemore, Daniel Jr.
Wright, Charles Edward
Wright, Edwin C.
Zelner, Lewis