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Poetic Reflections
Camp Life


Raining, Raining o'er my head,
On my snowy tent;
Without, the noise and din of camp,
Rain and darkness blent.

Heavy tread of armed men
Shout out loud hurrah!
Clank and click of sword and spur;
Volleys from afar.

Darkling woods that echo back,
Words of loud command;
Iron foot of horses mailed;
Heard on every hand.

Struggling through the darkness drear;
Camp fires burning bright;
Thrilling sounds of Bugle blast;
Men who long for fight.

Aching hearts, and thoughts of home,
Mother, Wife, and child,
Pleasant dreams that vanish soon;
For the night is wild.

" Home sweet home" is faintly heard
"Hail Columbia" and
"The girl I left behind"besides
"Dixie" by the band.

Drinking coffee by the fire,
Eating bread that's hard,
Going for water to the spring,
Challenged by the guard.

Cleaning mud from off your shoes,
Scouring up your gun,
Out to roll call in the rain,
Happy when it's done.

Hear your name without the door,
Wonder what,-----and who-----------
( Got this far with a poem, when
The drummer beat Tattoo).

F. O. Hodge
Camp Griffin, Va. Oct 22nd, 1861

Submitted by Deanna French.