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Poetic Reflections
A Book of Poems

"Our Country calls us! Quick, be ready!
think of what our sires have been;
Onward! onward! strong and steady,
Drive the Traitor to his den.
On and let the watchword be
Country, home, and liberty."

(J. C. William's "Life in Camp")

We've started to receive poems from contributors that relate to Vermont's participation in the Civil War. This is an interim format until we get a better picture of the size and scope of the project.

Poems related to Battles

The Battle of Gettysburgh, Mrs. H. M. Crapo

Death of the Young Volunteer, F. O. Hodge

Poems about Individuals

Alonzo P. Bush, by Abbie Wellman

Alonzo P. Bush, by Jennie Stebbins

H. C. Rogers, noble Soldier, by Theresa Emery/Stearns Rogers.

John M. Thomas, Cydymdeimlad (Sympathy), by David Price.

Henry H. Vaughn...killed at the Battle of Gettysburg, Mrs. S. A. Nichols

Poems Related to Specific Units

A fagot for the Campfire, relating to the 2nd Infantry, Co. I, Theresa Emery/Stearns Rogers.

To the 11th Vermont Regiment, Mrs. H. M. Crapo

Other Poems

The Aged Soldier, Mrs. H. M. Crapo

August 11, related to a Civil War era marriage, by Theresa Emery/Stearns Rogers

Camp Life, H. O. Hodge

Cavendish, Her Virtues and Achievements, Rev. Alfred J. Hough

Cover Them Over, Will Carlton

Missing, Ellen Collins Blodgett

The Boys in Blue, Julia B. Denio

The Dying Sentinel, Anonymous

The Dying Volunteer, Theresa Emery/Stearns Rogers

The Soldier, Mrs. H. M. Crapo

The Soldier's Orphan, Mrs. H. M. Crapo

The Vacant Chair, Henry S. Washburn

'Tis Sad To Think, Anonymous

Where Are They?, Mrs. H. M. Crapo

Untitled Anonymous

Vermont, Mrs. H. M. Crapo

Watchman, Tell us of the Fight, A. S. Baker

The Vermont Volunteers, Rev. William Ford

"The land is holy where they fought,
And holy where they fell;
For by their blood that land was bought,
The land they loved so well.
Then glory to that valiant band,
The honored Saviours of the land."
(The Soldiers' Record of Jericho, Vermont)