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Fort Wayne News (IN)
Thursday - 12 Nov 1896
Blakesley, William

To Mark the Spot - Capt. Allan H. Dougall Receives a Consignment of Head Stones for Soldiers' Graves

This morning Capt. Allan H. Dougall received a consignment of twelve head stones to adorn the unmarked graves of twelve veterans who sleep in Allen County cemeteries. These small monuments will be erected this week by Anthony Wayne and Sion S. Bass posts of the Grand Army. Eleven of the graves to be marked are at Lindenwood cemetery. The revered dead are:

Samuel H. Lehman, of Company A, 162d Ohio volunteer infantry
William Bradford Stevens, of Company E, 9th Indiana volunteer infantry
William Blakesley, of Company D, 13th Vermont volunteer infantry
George W. Latchford, of Company A, 1st Pennsylvania volunteer cavalry
Noah Montgomery, of Company C, 6th Ohio volunteer cavalry
George Krownmiller, of Company G, 83d Pennsylvania volunteer infantry
Daniel Hill, of Company D, 90th Indiana, 5th cavalry
Lieut. Lewis D. Kell, of Company H, 167th Ohio volunteer infantry
Captain William Glenn, of Company C, 122d Ohio volunteer infantry
Charles J. Williams, 10th Iowa volunteer infantry
William Moses, of Company G, 74th Indiana volunteer infantry

The grave of George Hassert, of the 11th Indiana volunteer artillery, is at the Catholic cemetery, east of the city.



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