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1862 Articles

New York Times
Thursday - 9 Jan 1862

State Provision for Troops

The Vermont troops in the Army of the Potomac are to be envied of all their fellow solders. Their state has opened a bank account with each one of them and regularly passes to his credit $7 a month. This sum may be checked for by the volunteer, if he is a single man. If married, it's paid to his family. If permitted to remain undrawn in the State Treasury for six months, the rate of six percent is allowed on it. Vermont volunteers are thus paid $13 a month by the National Government, and $7 a month by their State, making $20 a moth pay, in addition to their clothing and rations. It is gratifying to know that the Vermont Volunteers are generally a class of men who take care of their money.

New York Times
Monday - 13 Jan 1862

Deaths in the Army

Circle Hospital, Washington

Levi West, Third Vermont Volunteers

New York Times
Wednesday - 22 Jan 1862


Fifty men and twenty-five horses, under the command of Lieut. Ward, arrived in this city yesterday from Burlington. They belong to the First Regiment of Vermont Cavalry. They were quartered at the Park Barracks.

New York Times
15 Mar 1862

Arrivals in the City

Capt. H. M. Porter, and Capt. D.M. Peck, of the Seventh Vermont Volunteers

New York Times
Wednesday - 9 Apr 1862

A tribute to Col. H.A. Smalley of the Fifth Vermont Volunteers
Camp near Cloud's Mills, Va., March 19, 1862
Col. Henry A. Smalley, Commanding Fifth Regiment Vermont Volunteers

Sir: The line and staff officers of this regiment having, within the past few months, become duly sensible of your high tone and character as a gentleman, and your qualifications as an officer, and desiring to acknowledge in some manner your uniform courtesy to us, and your ever watchful care of your soldiers, have directed me to appraise you that, in token of our sincerity, we have procured for presentation to you, a case containing some articles which we trust may be acceptable to you, not for their intrinsic worth or value, but as an assurance of our ever abiding friendship towards, and confidence in you.

Be pleased sir, to name such time and place for the presentation, as may be most convenient and agreeable to you.

With the strongest assurance of our esteem and respect, we are, Sir, very truly yours.

Chas. G. Chandler, Capt. 5th Vt. Vols., Chairman of Committee
Charles W. Seugar, Capt. 5th Vt. Vols.
John R. Lewis, Capt. 5th Vt. Vols.
A. Austin, Lieutenant, 5th Vt. Vols.

Camp near Cloud's Mills, Va., March 20, 1862

Capt. C.G. Chandler, 5th Regiment Vermont Volunteers, Chairman, and Gentleman of Committee of Staff and Line Officers Fifth Vermont Volunteers.

My friends and brother officers: Your kind communication of yesterday, desiring me to appoint a day upon which to receive a testimonial of your regard for me, has been received.

I cannot express to you how profoundly I am touched by this mark of your esteem and good feeling toward me, nor can I describe the proud satisfaction I feel at this proof of high sense in which y labors with the regiment are held by you, to whom in a great measure is due its efficiency.

Under existing circumstances, it would scarcely become to accept of the present indicated, and perhaps it would be best to defer its presentation until I shall have proved on the field of battle, at the head of my regiment, and with you, my worthy coadjutors, that I deserve it.

On that field which our general has promised to bring us, I know that you will not dishonor the confidence he has placed in all of us, and that the people of our native Green Mountain State will be proud to greet us, when we shall return to our homes, as among the worthiest of the "Army of the Potomac"

With many thanks for the high honor you have intended me. I am, gentlemen, your friend and Colonel.

H.A. Smalley
Colonel Fifth Vermont Volunteers

New York Times
25 May 1862

Arrival of United States Transport Kennebee with Sick and Wounded Soldiers

The United States steam transport Kennebee, Capt. Gaston, arrived last evening from Fortress Monroe, having on board the following sic and wounded soldiers from the armies of Gens. McClellan and Wool:


Fifth Regiment - Ordnance Sergeant, V.A. Jones, Co. F

New York Times
Monday - 21 Jul 1862

James Gardner, or a young man calling himself by that name, and claiming to be a discharged member of the Sixth Vermont Volunteers, was arrested on the 9th, charged with forging the name of C. Vibbard to a pass.



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