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New York Times
Saturday - 11 May 1861

Arrival of the Vermont Regiment

The First Regiment Vermont Volunteers, Col. Phelps, from Camp Fairfax, Rutland, arrived a Thirty-First Street yesterday morning at 8 o'clock. They are a remarkably fine body of men, and as they passed down Fifth Avenue, Seventeenth Street and Broadway, they were much admired by a large gathering of people who lined the sidewalks. They are now quartered in the Park, and will stay there till tomorrow, when they will leave for Fort Monroe, Virginia, in the Ceatzacolcos. Each man wears a sprig of green hemlock in his hat to show that he is from the Green Mountains. It is not enough for a man to volunteer to belong to this regiment, he has to be voted in by the members; by this means all weak men and those of doubtful character are rejected. The following towns have each sent a company: Woodstock, Bradford, Cavendish, Rutland, Middlebury, Brandon, Burlington, St. Albans, Northfield and Swanton. The regiment left Rutland at 8 o'clock on Thursday morning. Annexed is a list of the field and staff officers:

Colonel, J. Wolcott Phelps; Lieut. Colonel, P.T. Washburn; Major, N.H. Worthen; Adjutant, Hiram Stevens; Quartermaster, E.A. Morse; Surgeon, E.K. Sanborn; Assistant Surgeon, Willard Childs; Sergeant Major, C.G. Chandler; Drum-Major, Thomas R. Clark; Fife-Major, Martin J. McManus; Chaplin, Rev. Levi H. Stone.



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