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Prisoner Exchanges



Gen. Grant was before the congressional war committee on Saturday, and testified as to the renewal of exchanges. In answer to a question as to the truth of the report that he is charged entirely with the exchange of prisoners, he said:

That is correct; and, what is more, I have offected an arrangement for exchange of prisoners, man for man, and officer for officer, or his equivalent, according to the old cartels, until one or the other party has exhausted the number they now hold. I get a great number of letters daily from friends of prisoners in the South, everyone of which I caused to be answered, tellng them that this arrangemt has been made, and I suppose exchanges will be made at the rate of 3000 per week, and just as fast as they can deliver prisoners to us I will receive them and deliver their prisoners to them, and the Salisbury prisoners will be coming right on. I, myself, saw Col. Hatch, the assistant commissioner of exchange on the part of the South, and he told me that the Salisbury and Danville prisoners would be coming right on at once. He said he could bring them on at the rate of 5 or 6000 a week.

Submitted by Deanna French.