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The 1892 Revised Roster doesn't provide a consolidated list of Vermonters taken prisoner during the War. The following is taken from the Final Statements of each Artillery, Cavalry and Infantry unit, representing 28,884 troops, of whom 2,180 were taken prisoner, and 601 died in prison:

UnitUnit SizePOWsDied
1st Inf78100
2d Inf185812922
3d Inf18097811
4th Inf169019961
5th Inf161814021
6th Inf168113220
7th Inf1572 386
8th Inf177218522
9th Inf18788436
10th Inf13067132
11th Inf2320339175
12th Inf100500
13th Inf96850
14th Inf96402
15th Inf94250
16th Inf96841
17th Inf11067233
1st Cav2304699159
1 Btry21700
2 Btry456126
3 Btry25600
1 HCA11800
1 SS F19072
2 SS E20783
2 SS H19173