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Grand Army of the Republic

Poultney Post 49 Collage

Steve Smith, of Oxford, Connecticut, recently obtained a picture of the members of the Joyce GAR Post 49 of Poultney, VT. It's a picture that was taken of a photo collage that was probably on display the Post 49 meeting hall. There are 53 members individually pictured with their names written on a piece of paper and attached to each member's photo. Two of his great great grandfathers, Willard D. Ward and Myron J. Horton are pictured.

Steve scanned in each of the individual photographs, and contributed them the to project. We've made a virtual album out of them. Click on the photograph above, and the succeeding photographs to navigate through the 'album.' The photographs are presented in alphabetical order, but contain a reference back to the collage that indicates its place on the collage (row x, numbers 1 up starting from the left.

If you just want to look for a particular photograph, we also have a name index.

Note: Steve has photographed some of the gravestones of these soldiers; click on the cemetery name in the individual pages to see them.

Click here for a LARGE COPY of the collage - WARNING - It is very large!