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Civil War Monuments

Northfield (1885)






The Civil War Soldiers Monument in Northfield, Vermont was dedicated on Decoration Day, May 30th, 1885. It consisted of a granite base, topped by two marble bases, the die, the cap with the inscription, and finally the spire (which was previously part of a monument to Governor and Northfield resident, Charles Paine). The top was a copper eagle paid for by public inscription. In the cavity in the granite base, a tin box was placed, which contained John Gregory's book, "Centennial Proceedings and Historical Incidents of the Early Settlers of Northfield, Vermont," business cards, the town vote for the monument, a copy of the "Christian Messenger" and "The Northfield News," and three cents, placed there by F.L.Howe.

The monument remains on the village common in Northfield, and is frequently a center of Memorial Day activity in Northfield.

"Northfield News: Among other important things to be voted on next Tuesday are the town school system, and the matter of appropriating money to erect a Soldier's Monument." (Argus and Patriot, February 25, 1885)<

Courtesy of Peter Flood, great-grandson of 1st Lieutenant Jerome B. Hatch, 1st Vermont Cavalry.

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