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Civil War Monuments

Reading (1902)




At the Old Home Day exercises, Aug. 14, 1901, in Reading, Mr. Gilbert A. Davis proposed that bronze tablets should be provided and placed on the front or on the interior walls of the Library Building, to commemorate the memory of the soldiers of Reading, who had served in the different wars in which the United States had been engaged. Mr. Davis followed up this proposition by taking active measures to raise the necessary funds. His efforts met with a ready response, the money was raised and the tablets cast and put in place, and unveiled with appropriate ceremonies on May 30, 1902. A tablet has been placed on the front wall at each side of the front door, and bear the following inscriptions.

At the north of the door : -

Soldiers of Reading in Vermont Regiments, War of 1861-5.

Natives and Residents. Company

Second Regiment.
White, Daniel S., Capt., I
Emery, Elmer A., Serg., I
Dodge, Lorenzo A, , Corp., I
* Allen, Henry, H
Bailey, James, A
Crosby, John, I
Dugan, Wm. H. H., C
Gilson, Curtis H., A
Gilson, Forest D., I
Grant, Chas. G., I
Holden, Philemon, I
Holmes, Elmer G., I
Hubbard, Myron E., Corp. I
Nichols, Amos E., I
Pierce, Rufus F., I
* Ray, Abel T., I
Twiss, Samuel B., I

Third Regiment.
Bowers, Alphonso, A
Jenness, O'zro, A., A
Marsh, Henry C, A
Messenger, Wm. O., A

Fourth Regiment.
Bixby, Martin J., Com. Sergt., C
Wait, Henry O., ist. Sergt , C
Coburn, Ansel O., Corp., C
* Allard, Willman D., H
Coburn, Frank J., G
Gilson, Collamer E., C
Keyes, Gould D., D

Fifth Regiment.
Hagar, Henry D., D

Sixth Regiment.
Amsden, Wm. E., C
Butler, Andrew J., H
*Butler, Oliver B., H
Gates, Abel F., C
Holmes, John W., H
Phillips, Lucian, C
Pierce, Geo. W., D
Pierce, Oscar, C
Spaulding, Simon H., C
Spear, Edwin S., K
Whitmore, Kosciusko, C
Williams, Chas. M., C
Seventh Regiment.
* Hoyt, Alonzo H., Sergt., H
Bryant, Oscar B., D
Gilson, Henry H., G
Hoadley, Henry C, G
Johnson, Napoleon B., H
* Noyes, James H., G
Wilkins, Lucius O., Corp.. B
* Washburn, Darwin E., H

Bidgood, Wm. H., Co. H., 13th. N. Y. Vols.
Wells, Allen W., Co. L, 13th. N. Y. Cav.
Huntley, Clark W., 1st. Lieut. Co. K. 22nd. N. Y. Vols.
Humphreys, Willard W., Co. E., 9th. N. H.
Crandall, Lovell D., Co. D. 34th. N. Y. Vols.

* Members of Henry E. Giddings Post, No. 97, G. A. R.

At the south of the door : -

Soldiers of Reading in Vermont Regiments, War of 1861-5,
Natives and Residents.

Ninth Regiment.
Duphinney, Phillip, B
Harlow, Chas. W., I
Morrill, Lewis W., E
* Smith, David D., D

Tenth Regiment.
Parker, Geo. C, F
Dunn, Daniel, H
Noyes, Rufus H
Piper, Nathaniel, K

Eleventh Regiment.
Bailey, Wm. D., D
Putnam, Jonas A., I

Twelfth Regiment.
Perkins, Norman E. E., Sergt, A
Bryant, Henry N., A
Buck, Ambrose D., A
Buck, Elton F., A
Cushman, Cornelius J., A
Hoisington, David, A
Nichols, Moses, I
North, Edward M., A
Paige, Edwin M., A
Parker, Denison, A
Price, Edgar C, A
Wait, Wm. A., A
Wait, Wm. D., A

Thirteenth Regiment.
Best, Marcus AM K
Fourteenth Regiment.
Keyes, Elmer D., Capt., H
Clark, Geo. M., 2nd. Lieut., E
Hawkins, Geo. D., 2nd. L, ieut., K
Coolidge, Lorenzo G., Sergt., C
Keyes, Wm. WM Sergt., H
Davis, Edmund P., H
Hawkins, Floyd, F., H
Martin, Joseph D., C
White, Azro, E

Seventeenth Regiment.
Giddings, Benj. F., Capt., B
Giddings, Hiram A., Sergt., G
Wells, Edwin Iy., Corp., I
Marcy, Howard T. , Corp., E
Amsden, Alzamon D., H
Brown, James A., G
Cross, Levi A., F
Minor, Henry A., E
Wiley, Harvey P., I
* Stewart, Samuel, G

1st. Battery.
Emery, Nelson W., Sergt.
Emery, Norman O.
* Mahoney, Edmund F.

2nd. U. S. S. S.
Giddings, Henry E., Corp., H
Brown, Geo. E., H
Brown, Geo. T., H
Demary, Edward W., H
Gay, Stillman O., H

1st. Vt. Cavalry.
* Bryant, Carlos E
* Members of Henry E. Giddings Post, No. 97, G. A. R.

There are also tablets for Revolutionary War and War of 1812 veterans.<

Period photo and write-up from Gilbert A. Davis, History of Reading, Windsor County, Vermont, apparently self-published, 1903, ii:50-54. Modern picture from Wikipedia.

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