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Camp Holbrook (St. Albans/2010)

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This site, the former Henry Seymour farm, became a Civil
War camp named in honor of Vermont's second Civil War
Governor, Frederick Holbrook. Over 1000 men of the 5th Vermont Volunteer Infantry Regiment camped on this land and
were mustered in to Federal service for three years on
Sept. 16, 1861. A week later they marched 1 1/2 miles to
the St. Albans train station and departed for Washington, D.C.
In the late winter and early spring of 1865, Camp Holbrook
was again the site of military activity. Two companies of the frontier cavalry recruited immediately after the St. Albans
Raid on Oct. 19, 1864 occupied the nearby fields. These
soldiers patrolled the borderlands providing security for the
citizens of Vermont until midsummer of 1865.<

Photographs courtesy of Dan Parent.

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