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Bath National Disabled Veterans Home, New York


Barber, Hiram H., 110th NY INF
Cannon, Daniel, 2nd VT INF
Cardell, Samual G., 5th NY CAV
Chapman, Galusha, 27th NY INF
Coyne, James, 5th VT INF, 16th NY INF
Dion, James Ferdinand, 2nd VT INF
Dolby, George, 26th USCI
Fitch, Alvah G., 169th NY INF
Hall, Almond, 12th VT INF, 10th NY ARTY
Hart, Frederick A., 2nd VT INF
Irish, Perry, 11th VT INF
Jackson, John W., 1st VT CAV
Judd, George M., USN
Lippens, John E., USN
Mahar, Joseph, 11th VT INF
Marr, Hobart J., 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF
Meyette, Peter, 1st VT CAV, 16th NY INF
Miner, Edward, USN
Ovitt, Newton Derius, 17th VT INF
Patterson, William B., 91st NY INF
Patton, James P., 6th VT INF, 1st US CAV
Perkins, Edwin G., 3rd WI CAV, 89th IL INF, 59th IL INF
Phillips, Luther, 14th NY ARTY
Pierce, George K., 193rd NY INF
Powers, Dana, 1st NH HARTY
Ransom, Samuel H., 13th VT INF, 2nd NY VET CAV, 22nd NY INF
Russell, Joseph, 14th VT INF
Russell, Richard, 125th NY INF
Sheldon, William, 27th NY LARTY
Simmons, Isaiah T., 97th NY INF
Slate, Henry W., 17th VT INF
Tibbitts, Hymen, 1st NY LARTY, 16th NY INF, 22nd NY INF
Whitcomb, Edmund, 13th VT INF
Wickham, Warren S., 118th NY INF
Yattaw, Joseph P., 102nd NY INF

Inmates there, but buried elsewhere:

Atwood, Elijah, 33rd NY INF, 3rd NY CAV, 18th PA INF, 35th PA INF
Beyette, Edward, 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF
Bruyea, Frank, 5th VT INF
Canaan, Dennis P., 34th NY INF, 16th NY ARTY
Crowley, Timothy, 123rd NY INF
Danforth, Henry H., 56th NY NG, 1st US CAV
Fairbanks, William, 125th NY INF
Gage, Edward Byron, 9th CT INF
Hoddy, William, 2nd NY INF
Hodgdon, Giles W., 9th ME INF, 17th ME INF
Hurd, Edward L., USN
Ide, James, 149th NY INF, 2nd NY ARTY
James, Hiram P., 6th WI LARTY
Johnson, Charles H., 123rd NY INF
Johnson, Daniel K., 2nd NY VET CAV
Johnson, Henry D., 23rd NY INF
Kelley, Willard N., 9th NY CAV
Leffingwell, Harlan Page, 10th VT INF
Mason, Harrison H., 130th NY INF, 1st NY Dragoons
McCallops, Samuel, 7th NY CAV, 20th NY CAV
McCann, Henry, 6th NY CAV, 3rd US ARTY
Penfield, Samuel T., 8th VT INF
Rood, Oliver, 8th VT INF, 2nd MA HARTY
Smith, William W., 30th NY INF, 8th IL CAV
Spear, Rising D., 98th NY INF
Templeton, Albert Clark, 13th VT INF
Tucker, John H., 23rd NY LARTY
Wright, Edward F., 104th NY INF

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