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Post-war Organizations, Events and Places.

Leavenworth National Disabled Veterans Home, Kansas


Ames, Albert D., 2nd WI INF
Babcock, Lyman A., 10th WI INF
Bachelder, John, 12th IL CAV
Baldwin, Lewis E., 46th IL INF
Ballou, Adin, 9th VT INF
Bennett, John W., 9th VT INF
Birge, Alpheus W., 7th MO INF, 11th MO INF
Blake, Albert A., 1st MN HARTY
Briggs, Alvin, 10th KS INF
Brown, George L., 1st VT CAV
Brown, Marvin J., 2nd NY CAV
Carpenter, Amasa W., 4th VT INF
Carpenter, Ralph W., 11th VT INF
Carter, Fernando J., 14th MO CAV
Clark, Augustus M., 2nd RI INF
Connell, Patrick, 5th VT INF
Connor, Frederick, 14th VT INF
Cook, Alonzo, 16th WI INF
Cook, James L., 14th KS CAV
Cook, Samuel B., 10th MA INF, 20th MA INF, 37th MA INF
Crandell, Henry F., 43rd NY INF, 97th NY INF
Crouch, Darius, 51st MO INF
Darling, Thomas J., 6th KS CAV
Degaugh, Joseph, 17th PA CAV
Durway, Joseph, 5th NY ARTY
French, Jacob W., 1st MO ENGRS
Gale, Allen A., 3rd VT INF
Gilson, George E., 1st NEV INF
Glover, Christopher B., 29th MI INF
Gochey, David, 10th VT INF
Grout, Enos, 11th WI INF
Hardy, Carloss M., 14th WI INF
Higley, William Merrick, 8th VT INF
Hoag, Charles R., 10th VT INF
Howard, Oliver, 47th IL INF, 77th IL INF, 130th IL INF
Howlin, James J., USMC
Hurd, Eben C., 1st MI LARTY
Hyde, Benjamin F., 4th IL CAV, 70th USCI
Irish, Homer C., 1st VT CAV
Johnston, William B., 3rd VT INF
Kent, William, 4th MN INF
King, Frank, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTYCO
Knapp, Jefferson W., 14th IA INF
Lamson, Rolla C. B., 11th MA INF
Lavalley, George, 96th NY INF
Lavoie, Joseph, 9th VT INF
Lee, John Rogers, 6th MI INF
Lincoln, Henry A., 63rd IN INF
Lockwood, Orrin J., 6th VT INF
Longley, Justin, 13th US INF
Lovering, William H., 1st NENG CAV
Makins, George Borzoom, USN
Mansfield, John B., USA
Martin, Dennis, 6th VT INF
Martin, John W., 1st MA CAV
McCrea, Cole, 2nd KS INF
Millington, Irving L., 138th IL INF
Morey, Sidney S., 13th VT INF
Morris, Francis, 1st VT INF
Nason, Adam C., 39th IL INF
Nason, Freeman D., 15th VT INF, 17th VT INF
Nye, Ephraim, 2nd KS CAV
Perham, Harrison, 167th OH INF
Pierce, Alfred, 9th VT INF
Reece, Myron D., 34th WI INF, 3rd WI LARTY
Reese, Charles H., 37th WI INF
Reese, Elmer G., 149th NY INF
Sargent, George, 6th IA CAV
Sawyer, Russell Hurd, 23rd IL INF
Shepardson, Zeno, 2nd VT INF
Smith, Chauncy W., 35th WI INF
Smith, Elliot W., 4th VT INF
Smith, George F., 11th PA CAV
Soper, Rice Douglas, 52nd NY INF
Taylor, Edward P., 19th IA INF
Tillotson, Center Lamb, 2nd USSS
Tower, Silas B., 146th IL INF
Ward, Edward Clark, 4th VT INF
Weeks, Lewis C., 58th PA INF
Whitney, George W., 15th IL INF, 135th USCI
Wilson, Edgar C., 26th MO
Wright, William H., 95th IL INF

Inmates there, but buried elsewhere:

Allen, George P., 25th OH INF
Atwood, Martin S., 4th VT INF, VRC
Austin, Daniel A., 7th VT INF
Babbitt, Elbridge Harris, 1st NC INF, 17th US INF
Babcock, George W., SBB IA INF, 8th IA CAV
Baird, Alexander, 9th VT INF
Ballard, Marvin M., 12th US INF
Bannister, Francis H., 11th VT INF
Barker, Edmond P., 3rd USCI
Bartlett, Horace, 123rd NY INF
Barton, Anthony, 13th IL INF
Bellville, Joseph, 8th VT INF, VRC
Belonger, Joseph, 25th MI INF
Bennett, Daniel F., 10th VT INF, VRC
Billings, John A., 193rd NY INF
Boardman, Henry J., 14th VT INF
Boyd, Albert H., 8th IL CAV, VRC
Branch, Elias, 4th MN INF
Brannon, Michael, 4th VT INF, 26th NY CAV/VT FCAV, 17th US INF
Brown, Charles J., 11th VT INF, 2nd USCI
Brown, Dennis W., 66th IL INF, 55th USCI
Brown, William Henry, 2nd VT INF
Brownson, Martin Joseph, 5th VT INF, VRC
Buck, George Jr., 2nd VT INF
Bullock, Norman, 7th RI INF, 156th IL INF
Bunker, George Hall, 7th VT INF
Bushey, Henry H., 2nd VT INF
Cady, Alonzo D., 26th IA INF
Campbell, Hugh Crawford, 6th VT INF
Carlin, John, 5th US ARTY
Carlton, Edwin P., 5th IA CAV, Brackett's Btln MN CAV
Carpenter, Henry, 1st NJ CAV
Carr, Charles S., 33rd WI INF
Carroll, Roger A., 35th WI INF
Casey, Daniel, 1st NH HARTY
Chamberlain, Percious R., 44th WI INF
Cheney, Ozro F., 1st VT CAV
Clark, Henry T., 1st IA CAV, 6th IA CAV
Clark, Joel A., 6th OH CAV
Conant, Henry A., 1st OH INF
Cook, Charles A., 7th VT INF, 1st VT CAV
Corey, Benjamin C., 23rd IA INF, 29th IA INF
Cotton, Edward, 3rd CA INF
Dake, Orrin L., 2nd VT INF, 5th IA CAV
Danforth, Charles A., 43rd WI INF
Daniels, David B., 1st VT CAV
Doten, Lewis Bloss, 8th IL CAV
Eaton, Orville M., 4th VT INF, 2nd USSS
Eldred, Thomas, 142nd NY INF
Ellis, Marshall J., 29th WI INF
Emerson, John, 1st MN HARTY
Fenn, Silas T., 1st BTLN CA MTNRS INF
Fizell, William T., 29th WI INF
Folger, Frederick Anson, 5th VT INF
Fry, William T., 9th VT INF
Gay, Proctor R., 9th NH INF
Gibbs, Darius S., 29th WI INF
Gilson, James M., 83rd IL INF
Goff, Adoniram Judson, 100th IL INF
Goodwin, Royal F., 35th WI INF
Graham, Charles, 14th VT INF
Granger, Edward L., 4th VT INF
Graves, Charles E., 1st WI INF
Gray, George, 125th NY INF, 51st WI INF, 53rd WI INF
Green, William Freeman, 1st VT CAV
Hall, John M., 2nd VT INF
Hamblin, Alson, 2nd KS INF, 40th MO INF
Harrington, Daniel, 1st NY MTD RFLS, 4th NY PROV CAV
Hastings, Horace A., 19th MA INF
Hathorn, Samuel A., 7th VT INF, 26th NY CAV/VT FCAV, 91st USCI
Hazen, Elmore R., 2nd IA INF, 3rd IA INF
Hickey, Jeremiah, 36th IL INF, 10th IL CAV
Holland, Albert L., 2nd USSS, 1st NH HARTY
Hudson, Joel, 43rd IL INF
Hull, Lewis C., 8th MI CAV
Jewett, Pliny, 27th WI INF
Johnson, George W., 7th VT INF
Johnson, William, 11th CT INF
Keeler, Samuel E., 9th VT INF, 8th US CHARTY
Kirby, Henry Alexander, USN
Lambert, Elijah, 1st MN HARTY
Lapham, James Frost, 11th VT INF
Laptad, Peter, 14th VT INF, 2nd VT LARTY
Leonard, John Haslam, 14th VT INF
Marsh, John H., 2nd USSS
Marshall, Rolla T., 1st MD CAV
Mason, Nelson, 8th IL INF
Mason, William S., 30th ME INF
May, William A., 38th MA INF, 42nd MA INF
McDonald, Clark, 8th IN INF
McLain, Jackson, 106th IL INF
Minor, Albert, USN
Morse, Joshua C., 8th VT INF
Morton, William H., 11th IL CAV, 4th IL INF
Murray, John H., 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF
Murray, John H., 2nd VT INF
Myers, Harvey C., 5th VT INF, 9th VT INF
Niles, Carlos M., 4th WI INF
Noe, Lewis, 12th WI LARTY, 33rd WI INF
Paige, John, 1st NH HARTY
Parrish, Solon B., 1st MI LARTY
Peck, Sheldon, 6th IA CAV
Perham, Salmon Ezekiel, 10th VT INF
Perry, Jerome B., 105th IL INF, 23rd IL INF
Phair, Henry W., 1st VT LARTY
Plumb, Charles Rollin, 3rd VT INF
Porter, Rufus W., 3rd VT INF, 56th MA INF
Powell, William W., 21st IA INF
Preston, Sedgwick, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTYCO
Quimby, John C., 2nd USSS, VRC
Randall, Murray N., 16th WI INF, 32nd WI INF
Ransom, Frederick E., 11th IL INF
Riley, James, USN
Rood, Oliver, 8th VT INF, 2nd MA HARTY
Rounds, Watson, 8th VT INF
Rust, John Ethan, 20th IN INF
Samson, Arby Nelson, 2nd VT INF
Shippee, James Henry, 2nd VT INF, 11th VT INF
Smith, George H., 3rd VT INF
Smith, John F., 38th WI INF
Smith, John M., 9th VT INF
Smith, Merritt C., 3rd IA INF, 6th IA CAV
Smith, William Merriam, 86th IL INF
Smith, William W., 30th NY INF, 8th IL CAV
Stearns, John O., 37th IL INF
Stewart, Andrew Jackson, 1st MO CAV
Swan, Albert H., 13th VT INF, 3rd VT LARTY
Thompson, Marcus O., 5th US ARTY
Tillotson, George, 13th US INF
Vaughan, Charles Stephen, 1st WI CAV, 3rd WI CAV
Voodry, Josephus W., 3rd VT INF, VRC
Wait, Hiram, 33rd WI INF
Wanzer, Sidney O., 36th IL INF
Washburn, Harvey D., 8th VT INF
Webber, George B., 1st VT CAV
Webber, George H., 4th VT INF
Wench, Silas Jacob, 9th MN INF
West, Royal F., 6th NH INF, 9th NH INF
White, Thomas W., 1st MO ENGRS
Willey, Riley J., 138th IN INF
Williams, William H., USN
Woods, Thomas E., 3rd VT INF
Woodward, William F., 8th VT INF
Woodworth, William G., 4th VT INF
Wyman, Myron G., 5th VT INF, 1st VT CAV

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