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Pensions and other Records

Indexes to Rendezvous Reports
(Navy Enlistments) Through 1884

The following microfilm publications reproduce alphabetical name indexes to the U.S. Navy rendezvous reports (enlistments), 1846-84. The indexes were filmed by the U.S. Navy before transferring the records to the National Archives. The Navy filmed the cards for the Civil War, 1861-65, separately.

Each card shows the name of the individual; rendezvous (place of enlistment or vessel on which enlisted); date of enlistment or return (the roll on which the name first appeared); and a space for a "Record of Service." Although the amount of information varies, the entry under "Record of Service" may provide the date of reassignment or discharge, the names of vessels on which the individual served, or the date of death.

The records to which these indexes refer are not on microfilm, but they are open to researchers at the National Archives.

Index to Rendezvous Reports, Civil War, 1861--1865.
T1099. 31 rolls. 16mm.

Roll Description

1 Abaling, Louis--Barth, Theodore
2 Barthel, Eugene A.--Bowen, William
3 Bowen, William--Burns, Jno.
4 Burns--Champ, Samuel
5 Champion, Chris--Coveliers, Albert
6 Covell, Almeron--Day, Thos. P.
7 Day, Vandewater--Duskin, William
8 Duson, Albert--Fitzgerald, John
9 Fitzgerald, John--Girraty, John
10 Girraty, John--Hale, Sherman
11 Hale, Sherman--Hewit, Benjamin
12 Hewit, John--Ingersoll, Hiram
13 Ingersoll, Jas.--Justin, William H.
14 Kaab, William--Langen, Thomas
15 Langen, Thomas--Lowd, William
16 Lowden, Frances--McGarth, Christopher
17 McGarth, Christopher--McGuire, Peter
18 McGuire, Peter--Maney, Patrick
19 Maney, Richard--Moore, Charles W.
20 Moore, Cicero--Muller, Jno. Philip
21 Muller, Julius--O'Keefe, Patrick
22 O'Keefe, Robert--Peterson, Chas.
23 Peterson, Charles--Richards, Frank W.
24 Richards, Geo.--Ryan, Daniel
25 Ryan, Dan'l--Sloane, John
26 Sloane, John M.--Stanton, Robert
27 Stanton, Robert--Thompson, Robert
28 Thompson, Robert--Wallace, John
29 Wallace, John--William, John
30 Williams, John--Yerry, Edward
31 Yerkes, Henry--Zwicker, Frank