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Vermont at Gettysburg
July, 1863 and Fifty Years Later

The following is an alphabetical list of the Veterans from Vermont who attended the celebration as compiled from the transportation orders sent in by the railroad companies for payment, with their post office addresses and organizations to which they belonged as taken from their applications.

(Read: Surname, Name, Town, Unit, Co.)

Austin, Henry C., -, 12th Vt., C

Batten, A. S., New Hampshire, 3d Vt., C

Biglow, W. G., Ohio, 5th Vt., H

Bliss, G. S., Massachusetts, 13th Vt., F

Boar, John T., Nebraska, 14th Vt., H

Brainerd, W. B., Michigan, 12th Vt., E

Bryant, M. H., South Dakota, 16th Vt., A

Bunker, L. J., -, 6th Vt., F

Chamberlain, R. T., Oregon, 4th Vt., A

Chapin, Capt. Howard C., New Hampshire, 4th Vt., C

Clark, E. T., Missouri, 12th Vt., E

Clark, H. O., New Jersey, 13th Vt., D

Clark, J. O., Washington, 14th Vt., C

Clifford, C. W., New Hampshire, 1st Vt. Cav, D

Curtis, A. H., New Hampshire, 1st Vt. Cav, D

Dane, A. O., Massachusetts, 10th Vt., K

Daniels, Chas., Washington, 13th Vt./1st Vt. Cav, H, C

Davis, N. S., Massachusetts, 13th Vt., G

Dellehan, John, Texas, 3d Vt., D

Derby, W. A., New Hampshire, 2d Vt., I

Douglas, N. B., Massachusetts, 14th Vt., D

Doying, Chas. E., New Hampshire, 11th Vt., F

Dubois, Chas., New Hampshire, 3d Vt., G

Dewey, G. W., South Dakota, 16th Vt., H

Edson, D. C., New York, 12th Vt., F

Edwards, E. B., -, 1st Vt. Cav, A

Farr, E. P., South Dakota, 10th Vt., G

Farrington, G. E., -, 3d Vt., A

Fisk, Wilbur, -, 2d Vt., E

Folsom, A. P., North Dakota, 6th Vt., D

Gillette, Nathaniel N., Nebraska, 5th Vt., I

Goodrich, Geo. W., Illinois, 2d Vt., D

Gorham, H. J., Georgia, 4th Vt., I

Grant, Gen. Lewis A., Minnesota, Commander, 1st Vt Bgd

Green, W. F., -, 1st Vt. Cav, F

Greene, Richard C., Washington, 16th Vt., C

Guyette, Frank, New York, 1st Vt. Cav, I

Hartshorne, E. J., District of Columbia, 17th Vt., G

Henry, H. C., -, 14th Vt., A

Henry, Wm. P., Massachusetts, 16th Vt., H

Higley, E. H., Massachusetts, 1st Vt. Cav, K

Hill, F. A., Massachusetts, 15th Vt., G

Hitchcock, J. W., Illinois, 12th Vt., G

Holley, F. S., California, 1st USSS, F

Hosmer, F. J., Massachusetts, 4th Vt., I

Howard, G. D., -, 2d Vt./1st Frontier Cav., x, M

Hyde, Frank D., Pennsylvania, 1st Frontier Cav., M

Leach, Orrin, Massachusetts, 6th Vt., C

Lunderville, John, New Hampshire, 10th Vt., K

McLeod, John, Illinois, 15th Vt., D

McSorley, John, New York, 1st Vt. Cav, K

Mehan, John, Wisconsin, 4th Vt., A

Miles, L. B., Massachusetts, 3d Vt., A

Palmer, N. P., Connecticut, 1st Vt. Cav, D

Patch, Albert, Massachusetts, 11th Vt., E

Pollard, J. B., Missouri, 2d Vt., I

Rideout, S. E., Ohio, 14th Vt., C

Rollins, D. A., Washington, 15th Vt., I

Rosseter, A. A., New York, 2d Btry

Shumway, John, Wisconsin, 6th Vt., B

Spooner, H. H., Illinois, 14th Vt., G

Stephens, J. W., New Hampshire, 1st Vt. Cav, E

Stevenson, Alexander, California, 15th Vt., C

Tulley, Terrence J., South Dakota, 13th Vt., A

Whipple, E. J., Nebraska, 1st Vt. Cav, A

White, C. A., Pennsylvania, 4th Vt., F

Willey, W. H.H., California, 15th Vt., B

Wilson, Henry P., -, 16th Vt., E

Winslow, J. J., Michigan, 16th Vt., G

Wood, Geo.E., Wisconsin, 6th Vt., B

Worthing, J. M., Illinois, 2d Vt., H

Wright, E. F., Illinois, 2d Vt., K

Wright, R. R., Minnesota, 5th Vt., A

Amount of appropriation$10,000.00
Paid for printing and postage$169.64
Paid Gen. Tillotson, personal expenses220.70
Paid Col. H. W. Allen, expenses as chairman of Commission70.10
Paid Capt. Frank Kenfield, expenses as Secretary of Commission74.35
Paid for special Ferry Boat, New York to Jersey City and return100.00
Paid Pennsylvania R. R. for return transportation for Veteran who lost his ticket12.20
Paid Railroads for 512 transportation orders $15.007,680.00
Paid Veterans 66 percent of amounts paid by them toward their transportation1,506.40
Paid toward printing and distributing the final report of the Commission166.61



The Adjutant General's account, with vouchers, approved by the Commission is on file in the office of the Auditor of Accounts.

In making the arrangements for the transportation and accommodation of the veterans at Gettysburg, the Adjutant General made two trips to Gettysburg, by direction of the Commission, in advance of the Celebration; once in company with Colonel H. W. Allen, Chairman of the Commission, and again alone.

The officers and men of the Vermont National Guard who accompanied the veterans to Gettysburg, were ordered to perform that duty by Governor Fletcher, and their pay and expenses were met from the general appropriation for the Militia, and no part of the same was paid from the Gettysburg Celebration appropriation.

I accepted the opportunity to perform this service for the veterans of Vermont with pleasure, and, while the work has taken a large amount of time and attention, I have been more than repaid by the consideration and appreciation which has been universally shown me by your committee and the veterans who participated in the great celebration.

Respectfully submitted,


The Adjutant General

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Source: Vermont at Gettysburg: July, 1863 and Fifty Years Later. Rutland: Marble City Press, The Tuttle Company. 1914