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Where Did They Go?

How Ya' Gonna' Keep 'Em
Down On The Farm
After They've Seen D.C.?

Post-War Migration Patterns of Vermont Veterans
(A long-term project)

Then came the happy days of 1865, the war was over and the soldier boys were coming home. Alas! not all of them, for from every village there were some who had given their lives for the Union. Of the returning soldiers some wanted nothing better than to spend the rest of their days amid the mountains they loved; others did not feel that way. During the war they had seen much of the country and had met men from everywhere. Those who lived on isolated mountain farms realized that in some other parts of the country there were better chances to get ahead, to make money, than in Vermont. A few years after the war many of these left Vermont again, this time not to fight, but to seek new fortunes in the growing cities or in the undeveloped West. (Harold W. Slocum, The Story of Vermont, (Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1926), pp. 115-6))

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POST-WAR MIGRATION is a fledgling attempt to document where Vermont's Civil War veterans went when they left the Green Mountain State after the Civil War (or in some cases, if they survived, but didn't return after the war.)

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1 Cav - Survivors of 1st Vt Cavalry, as of 13 Oct 1913

8 Inf - Extracted from George Carpenter's history of the 8th Regiment

Simmons - Marlene Simmons, a professional Canadian genealogist, see her contributions on the Canada page.

Sturtevant - Sturtevant, Ralph Orson, historian. "Pictorial History: Thirteenth Vermont Volunteers, War of 1861-1865." Privately published, 1910