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Where Did They Go?


Blanchette, Prudent; changed his name to Blanchard and followed his son to the North Shore of Boston, MA where he was a housepainter. Prudent married 11.27.1865 to Rosalie LaBelle. Before moving to Mass, Prudent was a farmer and fisherman on Lake Champlaign - According to my Mother (his grand daughter) Prudent is known to once have said "The wind she blow like hurricane, the wind she blow somemore, you no get drowned on Lake Champlaign, you no nuff stay on shore". An interesting note is that Prudent's son William Blanchard married Nellie M. MacKinnon (of Virginia) whose grandfather fought for the 55th Va Reg't. Inf. and that the 55th and the 1st Vt. cAV. were in engaged in action against each other at Gettysburg. (descendant)

Briggs, Joseph, settled in Greenfield, MA. shortly after the war. (2nd-great-grandson, John Pregony).

Bruce, Alonzo J. (13th Infantry, Co. B); in 1900 "he removed to Greenfield, MA, since which time he has been connected with the Montague City Rod Co." (Sturtevant 459)

Bushnell, Fordes O. (13th Infantry, Co. B); Worcester, member of GAR Post #10 there. (Sturtevant 457)

Childs, Lieut. Lewis; has held the position of president of the Gold Room, in Boston. (8 Inf)

Converse, Justin C, He moved to Springfield, MA and raised a family there sometime after the war. I was born in Springfield in 1943. (Alan J. Converse, San Diego, Ca.,

Lee, John, Worcester, MA (Sturtevant 464)

Liscomb, Charles; after the close of the war he went to Boston and was stationary engineer four years, since then nothing is known of him (Sturtevant 464)

Milo, John

Newton, Henry D., born in/enlisted in Rochester, Vt. After the war, he returned to Rochester and in 1872 he was in Wood River, Nebraska. 1873, Henry and his family returned the east,and settled in Winchendon, Mass for 13 years, and Henry and Laurenza moved to West Rindge, NH in 1894. Henry died Aug 7, 1919. Contributed Cynthia Abbott, his 2nd-great-grandson.

Parkhurst, B. F.; after remaining a few years in Vermont, removed to Worcester, MA, and entered the service of the state. In his private affairs hae has been very prosperous. (8 Inf)

Potwin, Joseph (13th Infantry, Co. B); born Stours, PQ, died in Worcester, 26 Sep 1896. (Sturtevant 456)

Shiatte, Peter (13th Infantry, Co. A); 127 Main St., Fall River (Sturtevant 442)

Streeter, Philander; of Vernon, served with 2nd Infantry Regiment, mustering out 29 Jun 1864. Sometime after his marriage to Nettie Tracy of NY, c1866, he moved to Holyoke, MA, and is buried there. (Donald E. Streeter,