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Where Did They Go?


Cushman, Francis; migrated to NE after the war to homestead, where he remained until his death.

Davis, Henry, left Vermont for Charlotte, Michigan and then onto Syracuse, NE. Contributed by Barbara Jesse, his 2nd-great-granddaughter.

Gage, Irenas P.; Went to NE in 1873 in service of the American Sunday School Union. Rode territory on horseback, as missionary to various settlements. Eventually settled on a farm near Fremont, NE. (descendant)

Haskins, Royal S (13th Infantry, Co. B); "soon after his discharge emigrated to WI, where he remained till some ten or twelve years ago when he sold out his farm ther and went to western NE where he invested largely in land, hoping that the vlaue of real estate would increase and give him a competency, but those seaons of doubt, which spoiled so many similar plans, come on and he had a hard struggle for a time but he still continues to reside in that State. Post office, Bertrand, Nebr." (Sturtevant 463)

McCaffrey, John, a drummer boy who enlisted at the age of 13 or 14, migrated with his family after the war to near Lincoln, NE. They moved by covered wagon, date unknown. This information is based on my recollection of stories told by my grandmother, Mary Ellen McCaffrey Murphy, who was born near Montpelier, VT, in 1872. Apparently John abandoned the family in NE when his wife, Johanna Doyle, encountered mental troubles. The children were all "farmed out" to other families. Nothing more is known of John. Mary Ellen was sent to a family in Aurora, IL, where she met and married my grandfather, Jeremiah Murphy. They moved eventually moved to St. Louis, MO, in 1902 where they lived the rest of their lives. Mary Ellen ("Mayme") died in 1962. (James Murphy)

Rogers, Noyes Caleb; He moved to Minden Ne after the war and founded the 1st National Bank of Minden. (descendant)

Shatzel, Harry; migrated to Michigan after the war and lived withis sister for a short period of time. He married in Marshall Michigan and his 1st wife died in childbirth. He remarried and moved to Lincoln NE and held various jobs in Lincoln and Omaha. He was captured at the Battle of the Wilderness in May of 1864 and was sent to Andersonville Prison. He was released from there in late September of 1864 and weighed approximately 80 lbs. He was released from service in early 1865 and suffered greatly from the diseases he contracted in the prison. It took him nearly 15 years to get a disability pension. After he re-married, he had 3 children and he passed away on April 1, 1910. He kept a diary while being imprisoned at Andersonville and it has been published by the University of NE. (Robert Elyea, Kalamazoo MI, Harry great-grandnephew.)

Silsby, Russell D. (13th Infantry, Co. B); Omaha, NE (Sturtevant 454)

Templeton, John Stevens - in February of 1869, went west, traveling with an uncle and three cousins. The five men all settled on homesteads about three miles south of Ithaca. In autumn of 1871, John and several others went about 200 miles west to Kearney, NE, to hunt buffalo. While on this adventure, Buffalo Bill visited one of their encampments and as night was coming on and his own camp far away, he accepted the invitation to be their guest. Mr. Templeton had the honor of being his bedfellow that night. He held a job driving a stage between Ashland and Wahoo, NE. He and his wife had seven children. (Marsha Glenn, 2nd-great-granddaughter)

Whipple, Edward J. - a contractor who built many homes in Ashland, NE. In 1866, he moved to Wisconsin and in 1869 to NE. On December 14, 1869, he married Mary Angeline Pierce, who was born on November 17, 1834, in Calais, Vermont. They had 4 children, Edward P., Charles A. (my grandfather), Florence A., and Helen Mabel. (family).

Whitmore, Sylvanus L., after his service, returned to Vermont and married Octavia Parks of Wells, Vermont. They lived on a dairy farm in Middletown Springs until 1879, at which time they and their daughters, Helen and Henrietta, went West and settled on a Homestead claim in the southwestern corner of Knox County, NE. A son, Sylvanus Bertrand Whitmore, was born after they moved to NE. Pioners, as were their neighbors, they spent the first year or so in a sod house until proper frame buildings could be built, and in time the area became a community of fine family farms. S. L. Whitmore succeeded in getting a post office established in the community, which he named Venus, and was its first postmaster. He was also active in county politics and served on the Knox County Board of Directors for a number of years. In his old age he received a pension for his service in the Civil War of $50 a month and after his retiremnt from farming, spent several winters in Florida where he owned a small tract. He died at his son's home in Wayne, NE at the age of 82. Venus has since lost its post office and the area's address is now Orchard, a town situated 9 miles to the south in Antelope County. (descendant)