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Where Did They Go?

South Dakota

Bowman, Benjamin F.; was the projector of the Vt colony atLoyalton (8 Inf)

Delong, Charles D.; migrated from Vermont to Loyalton, SD in 1886, one of the many who settled in that area. His wife Ruth Melissa Blanchard DeLong is buried at Loyalton. Their daughter Emma Irene married Frank Barton, my great-grandfather. Emma and Frank's son, Sidney Barton was my grandfather. I am proud to have a relative who served in the Civil War. (Jan Green, 2nd-great-granddaughter).

Fletcher, Albert W. (14th Inf); Albert was one of the first 50 Vermont Soldiers to migrate west in 1885 and founded the city of Loyalton SD. In the early 1890s, Albert moved to Aberdeen, SD where he died in 1917. (descendant)

Kellogg, Edward Burge (15th Inf); moved from East Richford to "Dakota Territory" about 1879. He and his wife and two sons arriving by train at Volga, South Dakota, and likely walked about 12 miles of prairie to the site of their to be built sod homestead, located 10 miles north and one mile east of Madison, SD. The Ash Grove Cemetery is on the corner of the Kellogg homestead. Edward Burge Kellogg donated the land to the church and is buried there with his wife (Jim Kellogg,

Hutchinson, L. M.; was a member of the Vt legislature in 1884 and 1885, and at present is railroad commissioner for Edmonds county, SD. (8 Inf)

Udall, Xenophon is a clergyman inLoyalton, SD. (8 Inf)

West, Daniel G., left Vermont in 1870 to practice law in Iowa for several years before moving his family to Mitchell, Davison Co., SD where he published a newspaper the "West News" until his death in 1921 at age 78. (Kris O'Dea, 2nd-great-granddaughter).