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Woman's Relief Corps

W.R.C. Tidbits


St. Albans - A. R. Hurlbut W. R. C. is an organization formed for work in connection with the post, and has a membership of nearly sixty ladies. The present officers of the Relief Corps as as follows: President, Mrs. Sue S. Gilson; S. V.-P., Mrs Jennie A. Montefiore; J. V.-P., Mrs. Sarah M. Shedd; secretary, Mrs. Rosa J. Wooster; treasurer, Mrs. Louisa J. Switzer; chaplain, Mrs. Mary J. Conant; conductress, Mrs. Hattie J. Moore; G., Laura A. Wells. Past presidents, Mrs. Libbie R. Sherwood, Mrs. Celia M. Allen. (Aldrich 1891, 387)

 Woman's Relief Corps - A. R. Hurlburt, W.R.C. No. 31--Mrs. Mary J. Conant, President; Mrs. Ida Nash, S.V. President; Mrs. Ellen Parmalee, J. V. President, Mrs. Rosa J. Wooster, Secretary; Mrs. Jessie A. Sturtevant, Treasurer; Mrs. Abbie Kemp, Chaplain; Mrs. Cora A. Dunbar, Conductor; Mrs. Lillie Roby, Assistant Conductor; Mrs. Flora Spaulding, Guard; Mrs. Louise Switzer, Assistant Guard. Regular Meetings second and fourth Tuesday evenings at Lock's block, Main street. (Waite 1896)

Woman's Relief Corps, A. R. Hurlburt Post G.A.R.-Sec, Mrs. Charlotte Prentiss. Meets 1st and 3rd Fri Memorial Hall over St. A Public Library. (Manning 1938).

Swanton - Woman's Relief Corps, G.A.R. Meets second and fourth Monday evenings of each month, in Grand Army Hall. Miss Lizzie Herrick, President; Mrs. P. R. Smith, S.V.; Miss Edna Lawrence, J.V.; Mrs. Celia McGregor, Conductor; Mrs. R. O. Sturtevant, Treasurer; Mrs. Corrie Marvin, Secretary. (Waite 1896).

W.R.C., G.A.R. Meets 2nd and 4th Friday afternoons, Old Academy. (Manning 1914)


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