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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1862 Report
Appendix B


Executive Department
Brattleboro', July 5, 1862.

To the People of Vermont:

The President of the United States calls into the service of the country an additional force of three hundred thousand men, and expresses the desire that "they may be enrolled without delay, so as to bring this unnecessary and injurious civil war to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion."

Each citizen should consider this appeal as addressed directly to him, and at once inquire what he can do for his country, directly, if may be, and if not, indirectly, by encouraging and assisting those able and willing to take up arms and advance to the scenes of conflict. Any one can see that, even though our army are everywhere victorious, additional troops are needed to garrison and hold the numerous important points taken; and much more are they need to prevent or repair reverses that may happen.

It cannot be necessary to more than barely remind the citizens of Vermont that the crisis of the rebellion has come; and that by hesitation and delay, it may be allowed to linger and invite foreign interference in its behalf, or by such a new, prompt and powerful rally to arms, as the loyal people of the country are abundantly able to make, it can be crushed and annihilated. The present, then, is no time for hesitation or delay. Let the response from Vermont be prompt and patriotic, and in consonance with all her past history. Let no young man, capable of bearing arms in defence of his country and its wise and beneficent government, linger at this important period in the war. Let no one hinder those who are brave and competent to fight the battles of the country, from going forth to that patriotic, righteous and needful service.

It is of the last importance that the resources and strength of our Government should be now in a large measure put forth, and its power and stability fully proved and firmly established. Let the President of these United States feel the strengthening influence of our prompt and hearty response to his late call for additional troops, and those brave men--our fathers, brothers and sons, now in the field struggling to the death to uphold our cause, be cheered and encouraged by the intelligence that many more of the "Green Mountain Boys" are rapidly enrolling for the service of their country, and will soon advance to its defence. Much more might be said to you, fellow-citizens, but a few words to the brave and patriotic is sufficient. Time, now, is everything. Let there be no delay for a more convenient season. Let it be said that Vermont is one of the first States to respond with her quota--composed of volunteers, ready for the service.

The 9th Regiment of Vermont Infantry, now in camp in this State, will form part of our quota, under the recent call for three hundred thousand men. an order from the Adjutant General of Vermont will indicate the details of further necessary organization.


Governor of Vermont.