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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1862 Report
Appendix B


Adjutant and Inspector General's Office,
Woodstock, July 29, 1862.

General Order No. 9

  1. By General order No. 74, current series, from the War Department, the premium of two dollars may be paid by the Recruiting Officer to any recruit for the volunteer service, who presents himself for enlistment, -- payment to be made after the recruit has been inspected and accepted, and has taken the oath, and vouchers for the payment to be taken in the form heretofore prescribed.

  2. The public service requires, not only that men should be enlisted with rapidity for the new regiments now ordered, but also, that such men, of the regiments now in service, as are absent from their regiments without leave, and are in fact deserters, disregarding the obligations of their enlistment, and yet drawing pay, or hoping to draw pay, for service not performed, should be sought out, and compelled to return to their duty. The presence within the State of such men, and their evil example, is of more injury to the recruiting service, than the open hostility of avowed traitors. It is therefore made the duty of every Recruiting Officer, within this State, to ascertain whether every soldier, within his district, is absent from his regiment with leave. If he is so, he has documents in his possession which will prove it. If he has not, report the name of the man, with all the facts known respecting him, without delay, to Major William Austine, U. S. Mustering and Disbursing Officer, at Burlington, Vermont, whose duty it is to cause such men to be arrested and returned to their regiments.

  3. It is requested, that the selectmen of each town will, immediately, report to Major Austine the names of all soldiers, within their respective towns, who are absent from their regiments without leave. The State should afford no retreat for such recreants. Let them either return to their duty, or leave its borders. The selectmen, who are presumed to be loyal men, willing to do their whole duty, are earnestly enjoined to devote so much of their time, as is necessary, to the thorough accomplishment of this labor. And it is hoped, that ll good citizens will co-operate with them, and aid in returning all deserters, by giving all necessary information.

By order of the Governor,


Adjutant and Inspector General