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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1862 Report
Appendix B


Adjutant and Inspector General's Office,
Woodstock, August 8, 1862.

General Order No. 10

For the purpose of completing the quota of the State of Vermont of the three hundred thousand men recently called for by the President of the United States, to serve in the army of the United States, for the term of three years, it is hereby ordered, that twelve hundred men be immediately raised in this State to fill the regiments now in service from the State. The quotas of the several towns in the State, under the requisition for three hundred thousand men to serve three years, are hereby assigned as follows:

Addison County,
Addison, 11
Bridport, 18
Bristol 9
Cornwall, 12
Ferrisburgh 40
Granville, 13
Middlebury, 82
Monkton, 11
New Haven, 26
Orwell, 17
Panton, 9
Salisbury, 8
Shoreham, 17
Starksboro, 22
Waltham, 7
Weybridge, 14
Whiting, 13

Bennington County
Arlington, 31
Bennington, 37
Dorset, 11
Manchester, 12
Peru, 2
Pownal, 19
Readsboro', 5
Rupert, 29
Sandgate, 5
Searsburg, 5
Shaftsbury, 34

Stamford, 11
Sunderland, 14
Woodford, 2

Caledonia County

Barnet, 33
Burke, 19
Danville, 28
Groton, 18
Hardwick, 4
Kirby, 12
Lyndon, 22
Newark, 9
Peacham, 16
Ryegate, 25
Sheffield, 15
St. Johnsbury, 34
Sutton, 28
Walden, 17
Waterford, 33
Wheelock, 7

Chittenden County
Bolton, 6
Burlington, 155
charlotte, 33
Colchester, 33
Essex, 39
Hinesburgh, 46
Huntington, 26
Jericho, 28
Milton, 30
Shelburne, 20
St. George
Underhill, 40
Williston, 4

Essex County

Brunswick, 4
Canaan, 7
Concord, 11
East Haven
Guildhall, 20
Lemington, 3
Lunenburgh, 8
Maidstone, 5
Victory, 6

Franklin County

Bakersfield, 28
Berkshire, 64
Enosburgh, 47
Fairfax, 32
Fairfield, 43
Fletcher, 12
Franklin, 12
Georgia, 32
Highgate, 48
Montgomery, 25
Richford, 34
Sheldon, 45
St. Albans, 100
Swanton, 40

Grand Isle County

Alburgh, 53
Grand Isle, 17
Isle La Mott
North Hero
South Hero, 15

Lamoille County

Cambridge, 30
Morristown, 4
Stowe, 3
Wolcott, 5

Orange County

Bradford, 7
Brookfield, 7
Chelsea, 25
Corinth, 47
Fairlee, 6
Newbury, 38
Orange, 19
Randolph, 41
Strafford, 38
Thetford, 44
Topsham, 29
Tunbridge, 14
Vershire, 24
Washington, 28
West Fairlee, 19
Williamstown, 7

Orleans County

Albany, 11
Barton, 33
Brownington, 9
Charleston, 25
Coventry, 19
Craftsbury, 22
Derby, 14
Glover, 28
Greensboro, 16
Holland, 7
Irasburgh, 13
Morgan, 8
Newport, 28
Salem, 10
Troy, 9
Westfield, 9
Westmore, 7

Rutland County

Benson, 18
Castleton, 21
Clarendon, 8
Danby, 18
Fairhaven, 21
Hubbardton, 13
Ira, 9
Mendon, 8
Middletown, 15
Mount Holly, 5
Mount Tabor
Pawlet, 26
Pittsfield, 9
Pittsford, 23
Poultney, 45
Rutland, 230
Shrewsbury, 8
Sudbury, 7
Tinmouth, 10
Wallingford, 3
Wells, 14
West Haven, 16

Washington County

Barre, 12
Berlin, 21
Calais, 41
Duxbury, 13
East Montpelier, 22
Fayston, 18
Marshfield, 29
Middlesex, 223
Moretown, 3
Northfield, 13
Plainfield, 8
Waitsfield, 12
Waterbury, 11

Windham County

Athens, 4
Dover, 16
Dummerston, 30
Grafton, 16
Guilford, 28
Halifax, 14
Jamaica, 24
Londonderry, 21
Marlboro, 9
Rockingham, 59
Somerset, 1
Stratton, 3
Townshend, 30
Vernon, 11
Westminster, 18
Whitingham, 26
Wilmington, 19
Windham, 9

Windsor County
Andover, 5
Baltimore, 3
Barnard, 12
Bethel, 36
Bridgwater, 26
Chester, 3
Hartford, 22
Hartland, 46
Ludlow, 18
Norwich, 23
Plymouth, 8
Pomfret, 27
Reading, 11
Sharon, 16
Springfield, 34
Stockbridge, 8
Weathersfield, 30
Weston, 18
West Windsor, 28
Windsor, 34
Woodstock, 45

From the quota of each town, thus designated, is to be deducted the number of men furnished by such town for the ninth, tenth and eleventh regiments, and the residue is the number of men to be furnished, under this order, for filling the old regiments in service. Each town will also be credited with such men as shall enlist with Major William Collins, at Bennington, or with Major E. B. Sawyer, at Hydepark, for service in the First Regiment of Vermont Cavalry, and also with such men as shall enlisted with Captain Homer B. Stoughton, at Royalton, for the second and third companies of Vermont Sharpshooters, and also with such men as shall enlist with Lieut. Martin V. Bronson, at Rutland, for the first company of Vermont Sharpshooters.

The Selectmen of each town in this State are hereby appointed Recruiting Officers, for the purpose of carrying into effect this order in their respective towns. And it is expected that they will, with the least possible delay, enlist the requisite number of men to fill their quota without draft, in order that the State of Vermont may have the proud distinction of furnishing without draft the whole number of volunteers for three years required in the present war for the Union.

The men who shall thus enlist for the purpose of filling the old regiments, will be enlisted to the same State and United States' pay, and the same United States' bounty, with those men who have enlisted in the ninth, tenth and eleventh regiments, and also to three dollars enlisting premium for each man,--while those who are drafted as militia, under the order of the President of August 5, 1862, to supply the deficiency in the number of men called for by this order, will only be entitled to the monthly United States' pay, without bounty.

THe President of the United States having ordered, by General Order dated August 5, 1862, that if any State shall not by the eighteenth day of August, 1862, forward its quota, the deficiency shall be filled by draft, the several towns of this State are allowed until the eighteenth day of August, 1862, to furnish their quota by voluntary enlistments, as above stated. If not filled by that time, the deficiency will be supplied by draft from the militia of such towns as are deficient; and the men thus drafted will not be entitled to State pay, or bounty.

All necessary blanks and instructions will be furnished to the Selectmen of the several towns.

A general rendezvous, in each County, for the men enlisted in the several towns in the county, under this order, will be appointed, to which the selectmen of such towns will be required to send the men enlisted by them,--of which due notice will be given.

By order of His Excellency,


Governor and Commander-in-Chief,


Adjutant and Inspector General