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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1862 Report
Appendix B


Adjutant and Inspector General's Office,
Woodstock, August 15, 1862.

General Order No. 14

  1. The Listers of the several towns in this State are hereby directed to return to the office of the Adjutant and Inspector General of this State, at Woodstock, on or before the twenty-fifth day of August, A. D. 1862, twelve o'clock, noon, full and correct lists of the names of all persons, who have volunteered, previous to the first day of May, A.D. 1862, to serve in any of the regiments, companies, or batteries of Vermont Volunteers, for the term of three years, who were actual residents of such town at the time they so volunteered, and who have been mustered into the service of the United States.

  2. The name of each man entered upon such lists must e written plainly and correctly, with the first name written in full, the regiment and company of each man must be stated; and if any man, whose name is entered upon such lists, shall have died or been discharged, previous to the issuing of this order, the fact of his death, or discharge, must be stated in the column of remarks.

  3. The names of those persons, who have volunteered since the first day of May, A. D. 1862, or of those who have volunteered in regiments raised in other States, or who have enlisted in the Regular Army, or Navy, are not to be entered upon the lists. The names and residence of all who have enlisted since May 1, 1862, and who shall enlist, up to the first day of September, will be taken from the original contracts of enlistment, on file in the office of the Adjutant and Inspector General.

  4. Nothing contained in this order is intended to effect or modify the requirement of General Order No. 10 issued from these Head Quarters, August 8, 1862, nor in any manner to vary the quotas therein assigned to the several towns for filling the old regiments now in service. The quotas therein assigned to the several towns must be raised by the towns, to the number assigned to each; but, in pursuance of directions from the War Department of the United States, the time for raising these men, and during which bounty and advance pay will be paid to those who enlist in the old regiments now in service, is extended to the first day of September. Notice has been received from the Secretary of War, that on that day a special draft will be ordered for the deficiency.

    And nothing contained in this order is intended to affect or vary the performance of the duty imposed upon Listers by General Order No. 11, dated August 11, 1862, and the Instructions which were issued therewith.

  5. Special instructions have been received from the Secretary of War, that, in apportioning the quota of the State upon the several towns in the State, allowance is to be made to the towns for all volunteers heretofore furnished by them and mustered into the service of the United States, whose stipulated term of service shall not have expired.

    Under these instructions, unless they should be hereafter modified, the several towns of this State, in computing their respective quotas of militia, will be credited with any excess of volunteers heretofore furnished by them, above their due proportion, whose stipulated terms of service have not expired, and charged with any deficiency.

  6. It has been ordered by the Secretary of War, that the draft for 300,000 militia, called for by the President, be made on Wednesday, the third day of September, between the hours of nine o'clock A. M., and five o'clock P. M., and continue from day to day between the same hours, until completed.

Special instructions for carrying this order into effect in this State will be hereafter issued from these Head Quarters, if the people of the State allow it to become necessary to do so, by omitting to offer the requisite number of men,--for doing which provision has been made by General Order No. 13, dated August 13, 1862. Farther instructions, for receiving men who offer themselves individually, in lieu of draft, and not by companies, will be hereafter issued to the Selectmen.

By order of his Excellency,


Governor and Commander-in-Chief.


Adjutant and Inspector General