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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1863 Report

In the SIXTH REGIMENT, Col. nathan Lord, Jr., resigned December 18,1862, and Lieut. Col. Oscar S. Tuttle was appointed Colonel, Major Elisha L. Barney was appointed Lieut. Colonel, and Capt. Oscar A. Hale,of Co. D, was appointed Major. Col. Tuttle resigned March 18, 1863, and Lieut. Col. Barney was appointed Colonel, Major Hale was appointed Lieut. Colonel, and Capt. Richard B. Crandall, of Company K, was appointed Major.

The following is the Roster of the Commissioned Officers of the Regiment at the present time.


Casualties reported since June 1, 1863.

Chaplain Edward P. Stone, resigned Aug. 27, 1863.

Capt. Alonzo B. Hutchinson, Co. B, honorably discharged for disability July 23, 1863.

Capt. La Marquis Tubbs, Co. G, resigned June 5, 1863.

Second Lieut. John M. Buckley, resigned Aug. 3, 1863.

The casualties among the enlisted men, reported since Nov. 1, 1862, have been as follows:--Died 95, Discharged 187, transferred to Invalid Corps 3.

The following Table shows the condition and station of the Regiment at the several dates mentioned.

(see Legend, below)


Jan. 1, '63White Oak Church, Va.772546212662
Mar. 7, "do65151112513 2
Apr 27, "do6355259713  
May 27, "do6114711231115
July 27, "Warrenton, Virginia596443146223
Sept. 5, "White Oak Church, Va.560431116523


A - Date
B - Station
C - Aggregate
D - On Duty
E - Sick
F - Absent with Leave
G - Absent without Leave
H - In arrest or confinement

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