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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1863 Report

The FIRST BATTERY of LIGHT ARTILLERY was stationed at Baton Rouge, La. until May 21st, when it was moved to Port Hudson, and was engaged in the siege of that place, while it continued. The men fought bravely, and the Battery, for its drill and discipline, has acquired an enviable reputation in the Department. I annex the report of Capt. George. T. Hebard.

The following is the Roster of the Commissioned Officers of the Battery at the present time.

Name and RankDate of Com.Former Rank.
George T. Hebard,Feb. 13, 1863 Senior 1 Lt Feb. 3, 1862.
First Lieutenants,
Edward Rice,Feb. 13, 1863 Junior 1 Lt Feb. 3, 1862.
THomas Reade,Feb. 14, 1863Qu. M'r. Sergeant; jun. 2 Lt July 14 62.
Second Lieutenants,
Edward E. Greenleaf,July 1, 1863. Sergeant Major 1st Battery.
Albert H. GouldJuly 2, 1863Sergeant 1st Battery.

The casualties among enlisted men, reported since Nov. 1, 1862, have been as follows: Died 19, Discharged 14.

On the 15th of September, 1863, the Battery was stationed at Algiers, numbered 116 officers and men, of whome 87 were on duty, 23 sick, 2 absent with leave, and 4 in arrest.

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