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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1863 Report

The TWELFTH, THIRTEENTH, FOURTEENTH, FIFTEENTH and SIXTEENTH Regiments have been brigaded together, during their term of service. The brigade was commanded by Brig. Gen. Edwin H. Stoughton, until he was captured by the enemy, and was then for some months, commanded by Col. Asa P. Blunt, of the Twelfth Regiment. Afterwards, in April, 1863, Brig. Gen. George J. Stannard was assigned to the command, and continued in command until the expiration of the term of service of the regiments. Until June, the brigade was stationed in front of Washington, the different regiments being located in the vicinity of Fairfax and Wolf Run Shoals, and engaged in performing picket duty. On the 25th of June the brigade left the line, under orders to report to Maj. Gen. Reynolds, commanding the First Army Corps. The brigade joined that Corps at Gettysburgh, on the evening of July 1st, after an exhausting march of seven days, during which they marched over 125 miles.

The Twelfth and Fifteenth Regiments were ordered to the rear, to protect the trains, and were not allowed an opportunity to participate in the battles of the second and third of July. On the evening of the second of July, the remaining regiments of the brigade were moved to the front line, to take the place of troops, which had been broken by desperate charges of the enemy. Col. Randall, of the 13th Regiment, with five companies of his regiment, made a gallant charge, and re-took four guns of a battery, which had just been captured by the enemy, and about 80 prisoners.

The brigade held the left centre of the front line during the battle of July 3d, and endured, like veterans, the terrific fire of artillery, which was opened upon them by the enemy; and when the rebel column advanced to the charge, the Thirteenth and Sixteenth Regiments, under Colonels Randall and Veazey, changed front and attacked the advancing column in flank, performing most brilliantly the part assigned them, scattering the enemy, and taking a large number of prisoners. The Sixteenth Regiment, by another change of front, attacked in flank a second column of the rebels which was charging upon that part of the line held by the Fourteenth Regiment, under Col. Nichols, and were again successful, capturing the colors of three rebel regiments, and taking many prisoners. The officers and men of the three regiments won the most distinguished praise from all the General Officers in command, and have rivalled the reputation which the "Old Brigade" has won upon many hard-fought battle fields.

I annex copies of the Report of Brig. Gen. Stannard and of the complimentary order of Maj. Gen. Doubleday, who commanded the division. The casualties were as follows:

Thirteenth Regiment, Killed 8, Wounded 89, Missing 26.
Fourteenth Regiment, Killed 17, Wounded 68, Missing 22.
Sixteenth Regiment, Killed 14, Wounded 89, Missing 15.
Total, Killed 39, Wounded 248, Missing 63.

Their term of service having expired, the regiments have been mustered out, as follows:--

TwelfthRegiment,July14, 1863.

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