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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1863 Report


Showing the number of troops from Vermont in the service of the U. S.

RegimentDateStationAggregateOn Duty
Second Reg't InfantrySept 1 1863New York765613
Third     "        "Sept 5 1863    do579476
Fourth     "        "Sept 5 1863    do591489
Fifth     "        "Sep 12 1863    do505401
Sixth     "        "Sept 5 1863    do560434
Seventh     "        "Aug 15 63Barrancas, Fla.504457
Eighth     "        "Aug 31 63Thibodeaux, La.671492
Ninth     "        "Sept 15 63Yorktown, Va.535357
Tenth     "        "Sept 15 63Sulphur Springs, Va.864756
Eleventh     "   ArtilleryAug 31 36Washington D. C.998840
First     "    CavalrySept 9 1863Falmouth, Va.824570
First Co. Sh'p ShootersSept 15 63White Sulphur Springs, Va.7549
Second     "        "Aug 31 63do6538
Third     "        "Sept 15 63do5129
First Bat'y Lt ArtillerySept 15 63Algiers, La.11687
Second     "    "Aug 31 63Port Hudson, La.8162

To these numbers are to be added the number of men obtained as a result of the recent draft, under the Act of Congress, hereinafter stated.

It will be perceived, that the regiments, from the various casualties of the service, have lost, during the last year, an average of over 20 per cent of their aggregate at the commencement of the year,--the loss of different regiments ranging from 8 to 34 per cent. A large share of this depletion has been the result of discharge for disability. It is obvious, that some means must be devised for filling and keeping full the ranks of these regiments; for it is well known, that recruits, placed in veteran regiments, become themselves equal to veterans in a much shorter time than if organized into new regiments. Unless this is done, the regiments are liable to be consolidated, under the provision of General Order No. 86, of the War Department, dated April 2, 1863, whereby each regiment would lose its Colonel, Major, one Assistant Surgeon, and at least one-half of its line officers. No regiment has yet reached the point of depletion, at which it would be liable to consolidation; but the Fifth, Seventh and Ninth regiments are close upon it, and several of the other regiments will reach it in a few weeks. Correspondence upon this subject has been had between the Governor and the Secretary of War,--which will be found in Appendix D.

It was a wise policy, on the part of the General Government, which appropriated to this purpose the men raised by the late draft; and had the purpose been accomplished, it must have resulted in great good to the service. But as scarcely one-fourth of the number of men necessary for that purpose were obtained from the draft, the necessity for filling these regiments still exists. Efforts are being made, through the agency of recruiting officers appointed by the several Provost Marshals, to obtain the necessary number of men, by voluntary enlistment, upon the offer of largely increased bounties. Every effort will be made by the officers of the State to encourage and facilitate these enlistments, and the effort must commend itself to every patriotic citizen of the State. The men of the regiments in service look to the State for encouragement and for words and acts which shall cheer them onward in the performance of their duty, and nothing will encourage them so greatly, as to see their ranks filled by recruits from home.

The number of Commissions issued during the year has been 464.

* NOTE: The Aggregate of troops in the book is listed as 7884, but the numbers only add up to 7784.

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