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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1863 Report
Appendix A


Adjutant and Inspector General's Office
Woodstock, December 27, 1862.

It is desirable that all the expenses incurred by the several towns in this State, both in drafting militia for service under the late requisition of the President of the United States, and in procuring men by voluntary enlistment in lieu of drafted militia, should be collected and put in proper form for obtaining repayment of as much as is possible from the United States. The selectmen of the several towns in this State are therefore requested to send to this office, as soon as possible, accounts of all such expenses incurred by them. No attention need be paid to the form of making out the accounts, if only all the items are given with care and accuracy. the accounts, when received, will be here put in proper form, on the proper blanks, and returned to the selectmen to be certified and receipted; and then, when again returned to this office, they will be forwarded to Washington, and payment obtained, if possible.

The classes of expenses are as follows:--1. Expenses of actual draft, in those towns in which an actual draft was had. The items under this class of expenses should express the number of days spent by each Selectman in making the draft, and between what days, the name, in full, of each Selectman by whome the service was rendered, the actual expense of notifying the drafted men, and such expenses, if any, as were incurred by the town for the subsistence and transportation of drafted men. The names of the men drafted must be stated, the transportation, if any, from what place to what place, and the names of the men transported, and the number of days rations furnished to each man. The account for this class of expenses should state explicitly that it was a case of actual draft.

2. Expenses of obtaining men by voluntary enlistment in lieu of drafted man. It is not certain that these expenses will be paid; but it is deemed advisable to present them, and obtain payment if possible. The items of expense under this class will be the actual expense of towns for obtaining enlistments, the expense of transporting men, stating the names of the men, from what place to what place, and the number of miles, the number of men subsisted each day, if any, the date, the number supplied with cooked rations upon leaving for the place of rendezvous, and the number of days' supply. The names of the men enlisted should also be stated.

If any expense was incurred in transporting men, discharged for disability, from the place of company rendezvous to their homes, the names of the men, the date, and the distance travelled, must be stated.

	By Order of the Governor,


			Adjutant and Inspector General.