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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1863 Report
Appendix B

HeadQuarters, 8th Vermont Volunteers
Before Port Hudson, June 17, 1863.

P. T. Washburn, Adjutant and Inspector General:

Sir:-- Enclosed I hand you morning report for June 16th, also, list of killed and wounded in the assault upon Port Hudson, Sunday morning the 11th inst. Our loss, as you will see, was severe, and we were unable to get inside the enemy's works, but notwithstanding all that, we have an abiding faith that we shall yet take Port Hudson.

The small number reported present in the Morning Report is owing to the fact, that of all the sick and wounded sent to the rear, since we left Brashear City in April, not one has rejoined the Regiment. There are many of them that should be here, but are put on duty in the Hospitals and convalescent camps at Brashear City and New Orleans.

Acting Adjutant Spaulding was killed early Sunday morning, shot through the head. He was one of our best and bravest officers. The wounded are carried to Baton Rouge and New Orleans. They are all doing well.

		Respectfully your ob't servant,
				Lieut. Col. Com'd'g Regiment.