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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1863 Report
Appendix C

Burlington, Vt., October 1, 1863.

His Excellency, Governor F. Holbrook:

When as Chief Executive of Civil and Military Affairs of the State of Vermont, you entered upon the discharge of the duties of your office, your Excellency commissioned Dr. Samuel W. Thayer, Jr., Professor of Anatomy &c., Medical Department, University of Vermont, Dr. Edward E. Phelps, Professor of Theory & Practice, &c., Dartmouth College, and Dr. Charles L. Allen, Professor of Theory & Practice, &c., Medical Department, University of Vermont, members of the State Board of Medical Examiners.

Before the expiration of the first year of your Executive Administration, Dr. Phelps was commissioned by the Secretary of War, as Brigade Surgeon of Volunteers, and assigned to duty in the 1st Vermont Brigade, attached to the Army of the Potomac. Hon. Hiram F. Stevens, M. D., was commissioned to fill the vacancy occasioned by the transfer of Surgeon Phelps. The same year, Charles L. Allen, M. D., was commissioned by the Secretary of War, as Surgeons of Volunteers, and appointed member of the United States Board of Medical Examiners of Volunteer Surgeons at Washington. Surgeons Phelps and Allen have acted in conjunction with the resident members of the State Board of Medical Examiners, in recommending the promotion and appointment of Surgeons and Assistant Surgeons, to the Medical Staff of the Vermont Volunteer Service.

In the discharge of our duties it has been our aim to select and recommend for appointment to the Medical Staff of the Vermont Volunteers Service, those whose qualifications were such as to render them competent to meet the wants of the soldiers, in any of the emergencies of war. As evidence of their ability and fidelity in the discharge of duty, we have only to refer to the records of the sanguinary contests through which they have passed, and the reports of sickness originating from the exposure of our army to the pestilential malaria of the Chickahominy. Notwithstanding their occasional and unavoidable exposure to showers of deadly missiles, and the more to be dreaded exposure to the poisonous miasms of the Virginia swamps, only two deaths occurred in this branch of our service. Assistant Surgeon Henry G. Shaw, of the 5th regiment, and Cornelius A. Chapin, Assistant Surgeon of the 6th regiment, died in the line of duty.

The following list of Surgeons has been examined and approved by the Medical Board and commissioned by your Excellency.

SECOND REGIMENT. -- William J. Sawin, Assistant Surgeon, June 21st, 1862, promoted to Surgeon, December 18th, 1862; Augustus A. Atwood, Assistant Surgeon, September 22d, 1862, resigned, June 25th, 1863; Lyman A. Noyes, Assistant Surgeon, April 14th, 1863, resigned, May 27th, 1863.

THIRD REGIMENT. -- Henry F. Smith, Assistant Surgeon, September 15th, 1862, David M. Goodwin, Surgeon, April 29th, 1863, promoted from Assistant Surgeon.

FOURTH REGIMENT. -- Edwin Phillips, Assistant Surgeon, August 6th, 1862; Armentus B. Bixby, October 6th, 1862, Assistant Surgeon.

FIFTH REGIMENT. -- Arthur F. Burdick, Assistant Surgeon, Sept. 23d, 1862, resigned May 26th, 1863; Alwyn F. Chesmore, Assistant Surgeon, Sept. 25th, 1862, promoted to Surgeon March 1st, 1863; Philander D. Bradford, Surgeon, Dec. 3d, 1862, resigned; Henry C. Atwood, Assistant Surgeon, May 6th, 1863, resigned June 25th, 1863; Dan L. C. Colburn, Assistant Surgeon, Aug. 18th, 1863.

SIXTH REGIMENT. -- Charles M. Chandler, Surgeon, Oct. 29th, 1861, promoted from Assistant Surgeon; Lyman M. Tuttle, Assistant Surgeon, Nov. 18th, 1861, resigned Dec. 26th, 1862; Edward M. Curtis, Assistant Surgeon, Jan. 29th, 1863; Cornelius A. Chapin, Assistant Surgeon, July 8th, 1863, died Sept. 12th, 1863.

SEVENTH REGIMENT. -- Francis W. Kelly, Surgeon, Feb. 4th, 1862, resigned; Enoch Blanchard, Assistant Surgeon, Feb. 4th, 1862, promoted to Surgeon Sept. 15th, 1862; Elihu S. Foster, Assistant Surgeon, Oct. 1st, 1862; Henry F. Langdon, Assistant Surgeon Oct. 3d, 1862, resigned March 27th, 1863; Charles F. Tenney, Assistant Surgeon, May 26th, 1863.

EIGHTH REGIMENT. -- George F. Gale, Surgeon, Dec. 14th, 1861, resigned June 24th, 1862; Heman H. Gillett, Assistant Surgeon, Dec. 14th, 1861, promoted to Surgeon June 25th, 1862. Samuel H. Currier, Assistant Surgeon June 25th, 1862, resigned Oct. 20th, 1862; Cyrus H. Allen, Assistant Surgeon, Oct. 1st, 1862.

NINTH REGIMENT. -- Walter B. Carpenter, Surgeon June 21st, 1862, promoted from Second Regiment; Horace C. Hale, Assistant Surgeon June 30th, 1862, resigned March 13th, 1863; Story N. Goss, Assistant Surgeon, Sept. 26th, 1862; Walter S. Vincent, Assistant Surgeon, April 20th, 1863.

TENTH REGIMENT. -- Willard A. Child, Surgeon, Aug. 6th, 1863, Assistant 1st Regiment; Joseph C. Rutherford, Assistant Surgeon, Aug. 8th, 1862; Almon Clark, Assistant Surgeon, Aug. 11th, 1862.

ELEVENTH REGIMENT. -- Charles B. Kidder, Surgeon, Aug. 18th, 1862; Edward O. Porter, Assistant Surgeon Aug. 19th, 1862; John J. Meigs, Assistant Surgeon, Aug. 11th, 1862.

VERMONT CAVALRY. -- George S. Gale, Surgeon, Nov. 1st, 1861; Ptolemy O'Meary Edson, Assistant Surgeon, Nov. 5th, 1861; Elmore J. Hale, Assistant Surgeon, Jan. 1st, 1863.


TWELFTH REGIMENT. -- Benjamin F. Ketchum, Surgeon, Sept. 19th, 1862; Granville P. Conn, Assistant Surgeon, Sept. 19th, 1862; Oliver E. Ross, Assistant Surgeon, Jan 29th, 1863.

THIRTEENTH REGIMENT. -- George Nichols, Surgeon, Sept. 24th, 1862; John B. Crandall, Assistant Surgeon, Oct. 2d, 1862.

FOURTEENTH REGIMENT. -- Edwin D. Sprague, Surgeon, Oct. 8th, 1862, discharged Nov. 14th, 1862; Lucretius D. Ross, Assistant Surgeon, Oct. 8th, 1862; Adrian T. Woodward, Surgeon, Feb. 9th, 1863.

FIFTEENTH REGIMENT. -- Carlton P. Frost, Surgeon, Oct. 2d, 1862; Gates B. Ballard, Assistant Surgeon, Oct. 2d, 1862, promoted to Surgeon, May 4th, 1863.

SIXTEENTH REGIMENT. -- Castanus B. Park, Jr., Surgeon, Oct. 18th, 1862; George Spafford, Assistant Surgeon, Oct. 23d, 1862.


Recommended by the State Medical Board, and appointed by the Governor for the several Counties in the State of Vermont, in accordance with the provisions of the Militia Law of 1862.

Name County Residence
William S. Hopkins Addison Vergennes
S. A. Skinner " Bristol
H.C.Atwood " Salisbury
Edward N. S. Morgan Bennington Pownal
Martin J. Love " Bennington
George L. Ames " Factory Point
Ralph Bugbee Caledonia Waterford
Royal M. Ayer " Danville
Charles S. Cahoon " Lyndon
A. C. Welch Chittenden Williston
John F. Miles " Hinesburgh
J. H. Richardson " Westford
P. Buckminster Essex Concord
C. G. Adams " Brighton
T. T. Cushman " Lunenburgh
George M. Hall Franklin Swanton
William R. Hutchinson " Enosburgh
Amasa M. Brown, " Sheldon
H. H. Reynolds Grand Isle Alburgh
A. H. W. Jackson " Grand Isle
Melvin J. Hyde " Isle La Mott
Horace Powers Lamoille Morristown
Salmon Brush " Cambridge
Benjamin F. Sutton " Stowe
William P. Lazelle Orange Bradford
John Poole " Bradford
Andrew E. Field " Washington
David W.Blanchard Orleans Coventry
Frank Bugbee " Glover
M. L. Baxter " Derby Line
C. F. Adams Rutland Rutland
A. Sidney Houghton " Pawlet
H. R. Jones " Benson
Chauncey M. Rublee Washington Montpelier
Edwin Porter " Northfield
Horace Fales " Waterbury
George F. Gale Windham Brattleboro'
Frederick Temple " Whitingham
Joel Holton " Jamaica
Daniel W. Hazelton Windsor Cavendish
William M. Huntington " Rochester
Joseph S. Richmond " Woodstock


SECOND REGIMENT. -- Surgeon, William J. Sawin; Assistant Surgeon, Melvin J. Hyde; Assistant Surgeon, ----- -----.

THIRD REGIMENT. -- Surgeon, David M. Goodwin; Assistant Surgeon, Henry F. Smith; Assistant Surgeon, Henry C. Newell.

FOURTH REGIMENT. -- Surgeon, Samuel J. Allen; Assistant Surgeon, Edwin Phillips; Assistant Surgeon, Armentus B. Bixby.

FIFTH REGIMENT. -- Surgeon, Alwyn H. Chesmore; Assistant Surgeon, Dan. L. C. Colburn.

SIXTH REGIMENT. -- Surgeon, Charles M. Chandler; Assistant Surgeon, Edward M. Curtis; Assistant Surgeon, Cornelius A. Chapin.

SEVENTH REGIMENT. -- Surgeon, Enoch Blanchard; Assistant surgeon, Elihu S. Foster; Assistant Surgeon, Charles H. Tenney.

EIGHTH REGIMENT. -- Surgeon, Heman H. Gillett; Assistant Surgeon, Cyrus H. Allen; Assistant Surgeon, Oliver E. Ross.

NINTH REGIMENT. -- Surgeon, Walter B. Carpenter; Assistant Surgeon, Story N. Goss; Assistant surgeon, Walter S. Vincent.

TENTH REGIMENT. -- Surgeon, Willard A. Child; Assistant Surgeon, Joseph C. Rutherford; Assistant Surgeon, Almon Clark.

ELEVENTH REGIMENT. -- Surgeon, Castanus B. Park, Jr.; Assistant Surgeon, Edward O. Porter; Assistant Surgeon, John J. Meigs.

VERMONT CAVALRY. -- Surgeon, George S. Gale; Assistant surgeon, Ptolemy O'Meary Edson; Assistant Surgeon, Elmore J. Hall.

There are vacancies in the office of Assistant Surgeon in the Second and Fifth Regiments.

		Respectfully submitted,
		Chairman State Board of Medical Examiners.