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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1863 Report

In General Order No. 99 of the War Department, dated August 9, 1862, containing the regulations for the enrolment and draft, which had been ordered, it was stated, that all reasonable and proper expenses of the enrolment and draft would be reimbursed by the United States, upon vouchers showing a detailed statement of service performed and expenses incurred, to be approved by the Governor. For the purpose of obtaining such compensation for the Listers of the several towns, by whome the enrolment was made in this State, instructions were issued, on the 27th of December, 1862, requesting that the several accounts should be sent to this office to be put in form for presentment. The accounts were received, and having been put in form, upon blanks prepared for that purpose, they were returned to the Listers to be certified and receipted. That having been done, the accounts were certified by the Governor, and, by his direction, I presented them, on the 31st of March, 1863, at the office of the Adjutant General of the Army, for payment, together with many other accounts. Assurance was given that they should be adjusted and paid immediately; but, although repeated applications have been since made, to have the accounts closed, they have not yet been paid Assurance has been recently received that they should be adjusted immediately. The amount of all the accounts in favor of Listers, for services and expenses of the enrolment, was $5,557 55.

At the same time the selectmen of the several towns were requested to send in their accounts for expenses of the draft, and also their accounts for services and expenses in procuring volunteers to serve in lieu of drafted militia. The selectmen of a portion of the towns furnished their accounts, and, after they had been put in proper form, upon suitable blanks, and certified and receipted by the selectmen, they were certified by the Governor, and were presented for payment at Washington, with the accounts of the Listers. These accounts have not yet been adjusted. Three towns, only, presented accounts for expenses of actual draft,--amounting to $44,43. One hundred and one towns presented accounts for expenses of enlisting men to serve in lieu of drafted men, amounting, in the aggregate, to $4578,89.

Accounts in favor of different Rail Road Companies and of individuals, for transportation of nine months' troops, were duly certified by the Governor and were presented for payment at the same time, amounting in the aggregate to $11,619 52. None of these accounts have yet been paid.

At the same time, by direction of the Governor, the accounts for money advanced by the State for the expenses of raising, organizing and drilling troops for service in the Army of the United States, since November, 1861, and for expenses arising from the enrolment and draft, and from raising troops in lieu of drafted men, in August, 1862, were put in proper form, certified by the Governor, and presented, with the proper abstracts and vouchers for payment. These accounts were as follows:--

Services and expenses of recruiting officers,$17,050,04
Services and expenses of surgeons appointed to inspect recruits,983,39
Medical services rendered to recruits,493,67
Expenses of arresting deserters,162,98
Expenses of organizing companies,213,27
Subsistence of recruits not mustered,202,60
Miscellaneous expenses of raising troops,389,25
Expenses of filling the companies of Uniform Volunteer Militia, detailed to server for nine months by General Order No. 12, dated August 8, 1862,356,58
Expenses of raising regiments for nine months' service, under General Order No. 13, dates August 13, 1862,70,50
Payments to commissioned officers, while in State service,3,529,77
Expenses of drilling recruits, before muster,4,844,11
Expenses of enrolment and draft,999,22
Services and expenses of Examining Surgeons for inspecting companies of nine months' troops;790,86
Transportation of persons on military service,106,32
Expenses for telegraph, to and from office of Adjutant and Inspector General,845,85
Payment for extra clerks in office of Adjutant and Inspector General1,992,68

No adjustment of these accounts has yet been made by the General Government, nor any payment made on account of them,--although information has been recently received that they are under examination and would be adjusted immediately.

At the time the five nine months' regiments were mustered into the United States' service, it was uncertain whether the field and staff officers would by paid by the United States for services previous to the date of muster. The State therefore advanced to them the amount of their pay and rations from the date of their respective commissions to the date of muster, with the understanding that, if paid by the United States for the same time, the amount advanced by the State should be refunded. The amount so advanced was $2481,30.

The expenses of this office, since November 1, 1862, have been as follows:

Clerks$2,323 82
Stationery, 854 45
Printing,466 60
Telegraph,152 77
Postage, 459 64
Rent of office, fuel, lights, furniture, &c.,151 45
Express,68 97
Miscellaneous and personal expenses, 357 36
$4,835 06

These expenses have been paid by the Governor, by his warrant upon the Treasurer, upon proper vouchers and abstracts presented.

Although the number of troops, raised in the State during the year, has not been large, yet the labors of this office have been considerable and varied. The preparation, in triplicate, of the accounts of the Listers and Selectmen of the several towns, the adjustment, in proper form, of the accounts of the State against the United States, the preparation of the various schedules and statements, from the Roster and Rolls, which were rendered necessary by the controversy in respect to the number of troops furnished by the State, the examination and recording of the returns and reports of the regiments and preparation of abstracts of these reports for the Treasurer, the conducting of the multifarious correspondence of the office, involving the receiving and answering of over three thousand letters, the issuing of commissions, the preparation of the various tables required, showing town quotas and credits, the examination and auditing of all military accounts against the State, without which none have been paid, the superintendence and recording of the State enrolment, and examination of the returns of the Selectmen of the several towns, the preparation of the various instructions and blanks required for Selectmen, Medical Boards, and REcruiting Officers, as well as for Regimental and Hospital returns, have involved a great amount of care and responsibility. And while every effort has been made to perform the labor in such manner as to yield the most satisfactory present results, full and accurate records have also been preserved, for future use and reference, of all matters pertaining to the history or pecuniary interests of the State, or of the officers and soldiers in the field.


Adjutant and Inspector General.

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