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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1864 Report


WEBMASTERS NOTE: This outline, linking the various articles, telegrams and orders published in "Report of the Adjutant & Inspector General of the State of Vermont for the year ending November 1, 1864" does not exist in the original report, but is simply provided here as a navigation tool. If, in reading the report, you find a section you would like to have included in this outline, pleasecontact me.)


Adjutant and Inspector General's Office,
Woodstock, Oct. 19, 1864.

To His Excellency,
J. Gregory Smith,
Governor of the State of Vermont:


I have the honor herewith to transmit my report, as Adjutant and Inspector General, from the date of my last annual Report, October 1, 1863, to October 1, 1864.

I am, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
Adjutant and Inspector General.


The past year has been one of unusual activity in every department of business connected with this office. The frequency and number of calls for troops have rendered necessary constant labor in the recruiting service, while the unusual and extraordinary energy, with which the campaign against the enemy has been conducted, has involved great anxiety and labor, in connection, with the soldiers from this State in the field and in hospitals, in al the various matters pertaining to them, It is a source of pride and gratification, that the citizens of the State have responded with the utmost promptness to every requisition for recruits, and that the troops from the State, in the field, have, by their unflinching bravery and determination to succeed, won for the State a reputation second to none. When the history of the State, in connection with this war for the preservation of the National existence, shall be written, the sacrifice of blood and of treasure made during this year, in a cause so momentous, will constitute a record, to which future generations will point with pride and exultation.

Recruiting Service

Recruiting in Southern States

Present Standing

New Organizations


Town Credits

Naval Credits


commutation of State Pay

Troops in the Field

First Brigade

Second Regiment

Third Regiment

Fourth Regiment

Fifth Regiment

Sixth Regiment

Seventh Regiment

Eighth Regiment

Ninth Regiment

Tenth Regiment

Eleventh Regiment

Seventeen Regiment

First Regiment of Cavalry

First Battery of Light Artillery

Second Battery of Light Artillery

Third Battery of Light Artillery

First Company of Sharp Shooters

Second and Third Companies of Sharp Shooters

Previous Campaigns

Hospital Arrangements

Enrollment of the Militia

Accounts Against the United States



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  4. Roster of Vermont Volunteers

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  5. Town Credits, As reported to September 30, 1864

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  6. Reports of Engagements