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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1864 Report



The Selectmen of most of the towns in the State have, from time to time during the years, forwarded to this office corrections of the State enrolment of their respective towns, and the returns have been recorded upon the Records of Enrolment. The Records have been preserved in such form, that it will not be difficult to correct them closely, whenever is shall become necessary to do so. The United States' enrolment has been corrected from time to time, though not as closely, or as seasonably, as it should have been. The whole number of men enrolled on the first of September was 26,416. Probably if it were corrected, so as to show only men remaining liable to do military duty, it would be reduced several thousands; and these corrections should be made, without waiting for the hurry and excitement of another call for troops, both for the purpose of affording accurate information as to the precise condition of the State, and also that thereby the quota of the State, on future calls, may be no larger than in just proportion to the whole number of able bodied men, from whom it is to be supplied.


There is no militia in the State, -- not an organized company nor a single armed man, subject to the orders of the Commander-in-Chief. In my previous Reports I have called attention to this deficiency; and I respectfully urge, that this condition should no longer be allowed to exist.

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