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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1864 Report

Accounts Against the United States

Considerable effort has been made to secure the adjustment of the accounts against the United States, which were presented for settlement March 31, 1863, as stated in my last Annual Report. And in July, 1864, by direction of the Governor, I went to Washington for the purpose, among other things, of hastening their payment.

The accounts in favor of the Listers, for enrolling the Militia in August, 1862, have been ordered to be paid, and Major William Austine, U.S. Mustering and Disbursing Officer, has paid a portion of them and is in progress of adjusting the residue. The accounts in favor of the Selectmen for raising the nine months' troops have been returned, with directions that Major Austine pay one class of items, and that another class be presented to the Quartermaster General, and another class to the commissary General of Subsistence. This renders necessary the making of new accounts, which will be prepared as soon as possible. The accounts in favor of the several railroads, for transportation of nine months' troops have passed the examination in the office of the Quartermaster General, and are now in the hands of the third Auditor in the Treasury Department. The accounts in favor of the State, amounting to $32,346.04, have not been paid. They are now in the office of the Third Auditor, awaiting examination.


The official expenses of this department have been largely increased by the very great increase of labor pertaining to the office, caused by the large and successive requisitions upon the State for troops, rendering necessary additional clerical force, and increasing each branch of expenditure. The expenses have been as follows:--

Rent of offices, fuel, lights and furniture,250.22
Miscellaneous and personal expenses,1,106.56

The vouchers for these expenses have been presented to the Governor for his examination and approval and have been paid by him, by his warrant upon the Treasurer.

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