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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1864 Report

Troops in the Field

Eighth Infantry Regiment

The EIGHTH REGIMENT, at the date of my last Report, were at Brashear City, Louisiana. They moved thence to Carrion Crow Bayou, and thence to Barrieroquet Bayou, a distance of 20 miles, and thence, Nov. 1, 1863, to Carrion Crow Bayou, and thence, Nov. 2, to vermilion Bayou. On the 4th, at 2 A. M., they were called out, to go with Weitzell's Division to the assistance of Gen. Burbridge, who was fighting the enemy at Carrion Crow; they moved at 3 A. M., and reached the scene of action, 14 miles, at six A M. On the 16th, they moved from Vermilion Bayou to Camp Pratt, and on the 17th to New Iberia. From New Iberia they moved to Franklin, La., 28 miles, where they remained until March 7th. From thence they moved, March 8th, to Algiers, La. On the 1st of April, that portion of the regiment, which had re-enlisted, was ordered to Vermont to receive their furloughs. They arrived I the State about the 15th of April. The residue of the regiment remained at Algiers, under command of Maj. John L. Barstow.

On the 6th of May, that portion of the regiment, which remained in the Department of the Gulf, removed to Thibodeaux, a distance of sixty miles. Company H was placed on detached service, on the Military Railroad to Brashear City. Subsequently Companies C, D, F and I were ordered o the same service. All rejoined the regiment on the 29th of May. On the 3d of June, the veterans, who had re-enlisted, rejoined the regiment from furlough in Vermont; and on the 5th of June, the original members of the regiment, who had not re-enlisted, were ordered to Vermont, to be mustered out of service. On the 11th the regiment moved to Morganza, arrived there the night of the 12th, and immediately left on an expedition to Waterloo, and returned on the 13th.

On the 3d of July the regiment left Morganza for New Orleans, and on the 5th left New Orleans, arriving at Washington, D. C. on the 13th, whence they marched to Tenallytown, thence to Snicker's Gap and back to Chain Bridge on the 23d. O the 26th, they marched to Harper's Ferry, and thence, on the 31st, back to Frederick City, Md. Aug. 2d they marched to Monocacy, and on the 4th moved to Harper's Ferry, on the 6th marched to Halltown, and thence, on the 10th, left for Cedar Creek, where they arrived on the 12th. They left that place on the 15th, and arrived at Halltown o the 21st, and on the 28th marched to near Charles Town.

The regiment was attached to the Nineteenth Corps, constituting a part of the army under Sheridan. On the 4th of September, they moved from Charlestown to near Berryville. And on the 19th, they were engaged in the battle near Winchester. No detailed report of the part taken by the regiment has been received; but that they fought well is attested by Col. Thomas, who reports, that every officer and man did his whole duty, -- that when they bivouaced for the night, not a man was "missing," and that those, who fell during the day, fell as soldiers should fall, - their faces to the enemy.

The casualties in that engagement were as follows: -- Killed 5; Wounded 33; Total 38.

The following table shows the condition and Station of the regiment at the several dates specified: --

The casualties and alterations in the regiment, during the years, have been as follows: -- Mustered out of service, 1868; Transferred to Invalid Corps, 23; Discharged, 87; Deserted, 42; Died, 51; Total, 321.

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