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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1864 Report

Troops in the Field

Tenth Infantry Regiment

The TENTH REGIMENT, at the date of my last Report, was attached to the Third Corps, in the Army of the Potomac. Subsequently, when that Corps was broken up, the regiment was attached to the First Brigade, Third Division, of the Sixth Corps, with which it has served during the year. On the 27th of November, the regiment participated in the engagement at Orange Grove, on the advance to Mine Run, -- having left Brandy Station on the 26th, and crossed the Rapidan at Jacob's' Mills, two miles above Germania Ford. The regiment having taken position in the afternoon of the 27th, and the skirmishers having became actively engaged, Col. Jewett ordered a charge, which drove the enemy, in much confusion and with great loss, from the crest of the hill, which they occupied, and which was held by the Tenth Regiment until after sun-down, under a heavy fire from artillery and infantry at short range. The regiment was then relieved, and on the next day marched in the direction of Orange Court House, and took position in front of the enemy's works near Verdiersville. The regiment obtained much commendation for the good conduct of the officers and men in this affair. The losses were 9 killed, 58 wounded, and 1 officer missing; total 68. The officer missing was Capt. Dillingham, of Co. B, who was subsequently ascertained to have been taken prisoner.

I annex the report of Col. Jewett of this affair, with an extract from the official report of Brig. Gen. Morris, commanding the Brigade.

The regiment remained at Verdiersville until December 2nd, when they joined the Corps at Brandy Station.

On the 4th of May the regiment crossed the Rapidan with the Sixth Corps and were under fire nearly every day, until the 18th. Their losses, from the 5th to the 18th of May were 4 killed and 23 wounded. I annex, in Appendix C, the report of Lieut. Col. William W. Henry, who commanded the regiment, -- Col. Jewett having resigned.

On the 1st and 3rd of June, near Cold Harbor, the regiment was actively engaged and suffered severely. Lieut. Col. Henry was wounded on the 1st, and the command of the regiment devolved upon Major Charles G. Chandler. Lieuts. Ezra Stetson and Charles G. Newton, both valuable officers, were killed in the same engagement. In the engagement of June 3rd Capt. Edwin B. Frost, of Co. A, was also killed. His loss was greatly lamented. On the 6th of June Capt. Samuel Darrah was killed, in front of Regimental head Quarters, by a sharp shooter. He was an active, intelligent and exceedingly brave and efficient young officer. In these engagements, as in all others, the regiment behaved with great gallantry. The casualties were 27 killed, 147 wounded, and6 missing, -- supposed to have been killed June 1st, -- total, 180.

I annex, in Appendix C, the report of Major Chandler.

About the 5th of July, the regiment, with the Third Division, proceeded to Baltimore, and was engaged, on the 9th, in the battle of Monocacy Junction. No detailed report of the engagement has been received. The casualties were, Killed, 4; Wounded, 26; Missing, 32; Total, 62. They have since constituted a part of Sheridan's army, in the valley of the Shenandoah, and were engaged in the battle at Winchester on the19th of September, and in the subsequent movements and engagement of the campaign. No detailed report of their operations have been received. The casualties, in the month of September, have been as follows: -- Killed, Commissioned Officers, 1; Enlisted men, 12; Wounded, Commissioned Officer, 4; Enlisted men, 56; Total, 73.

Among the killed, in the battle at Winchester on the 19th of September, was Major Edwin Dillingham, -- a young officer of the finest promise, beloved by the men of the regiment, brave, patriotic and self sacrificing. Recently promoted, he had proved himself a most valuable officer in his new position.

The alterations in the regiment, during the year, so far as reported, have been as follows: -- Transferred to Invalid Corps, 35; Discharged, 49; Deserted, 28; Died, 138; Total, 250.

The following Tale shows the condition of the regiment at the several dates specified, previous to that time:

Oct. 1, '63Culpeper, Va.8547331124-5-
Jan. 14, '64"922761153-62-
Feb. 15, '64"948806137-32-
Mar. 15, '64"92976215312-2-
April 15, '64"911768135413-
June 30, '64In the field near
Petersburgh, Va.
Aug. 31, '64Near Charleston, Va.7884253051161813
Sep. 6, '64in the field, Va.789447296-12-34
Sep. 30, '64Mount Crawford, Va.789418325-11134


A - Date
B - Station.
C - Aggregate
D - On Duty
E - Sick
F - Absent with Leave
G - Absent without Leave
H - In arrest or confinement
I - Prisoner of War
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