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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1864 Report

Appendix B

War Department
Provost Marshal General's Office,
Washington, D. C., October 19, 1863

His Excellency
Governor of Vermont, Montpelier, Vt.

Sir: -- I have the honor to inform you that Vermont's quota of the three hundred thousand volunteers called for by the President's Proclamation of the 17th inst. is as follows: 1st District, 1,063; 2d District, 1,245; 3d District, 1,022. -- Total, 3,330.

This quota is the proportion of three hundred thousand men which Vermont should furnish according to the number of men of the first class enrolled in that State, and without any regard to the quota assigned her for the present draft, or the number of men obtained under that draft, and without regard to any deficiency she may have had under the calls for volunteers previous to the assignment of quotas for the present draft.

The quota of Vermont for the present draft was as follows: 1st District, 1,505; 2d District, 1,763; 3d DIstrict, 1,447, -- Total, 4,715.

Up to the 17th inst., the number obtained on these quotas was as follows: 1st District, 957; 2d District, 1,115; 3d District, 1,720. Total obtained, 2,792, leaving on present draft as made up to the 17th inst., a deficiency of 1,923. On all calls previous to the present draft the deficiency of Vermont was 630. -- Total deficiency, 2,553.

The total quota, therefore, of Vermont for the next draft, in case another is rendered necessary by a failure to raise volunteers, as it appears from records up to the 17th inst., would be 3,330, the quota of three hundred thousand herein assigned, and the deficiencies up to the date specified, that is 2,553. -- Total quota, 5,883.

But this total deficiency, 2,553, will of course be reduced by all held to service under the present draft after the 17th inst., and by all volunteers heretofore credited, as well as by all the State may raise in excess of 3,330, her quota of 300,000 as called for by the President's Proclamation.

If your Excellency thinks best to sub-divide the quotas herein assigned to Congressional Districts, and allot proportional parts to small sub-divisions of your State, I would suggest that for harmonizing the subject of credits in drafts hereafter, you regard the enrolment of the first class, made by this Bureau, as the basis of assignment. The Provost Marshal General of your State, and the Boards of Enrolment in the different districts, will give you all the aid in their power, in this and all other matters connected with raising troops.

I am, Sir, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
Provost Marshal General.

Official copy,
Secretary of C. & M. Affairs.