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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1864 Report

Appendix B

Adjutant and Inspector General to Provost Marshal General

February 13, 1864.

Col. James B. Fry, Prov. Marshal General,
Washington, D. C.

Governor Gilmore has issued his proclamation, stating that he has official information, that all men raised under the draft, and all raised under the call for 300,000 volunteers, are to be credited against the present call for 500,000 volunteers, thus making the total call under the draft only 200,000, and that therefore New Hampshire has no men to raise. This has stopped enlisting in Vermont, as, if reliable, we have furnished all required and have a large surplus. If this is not so, and you would have enlisting resumed in Vermont, it is necessary that you inform me at once.

Adjutant and Inspector General.