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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1864 Report

Appendix B

Provost Marshal General to Adjutant and Inspector General

February 14, 1864.

To Gen. P. T. Washburn.

All men not heretofore credited, whether raised by volunteering or drafting, will be credited on the quota of 500,000. Another call may, however, be made at any moment, and it would be exceedingly unwise in any locality to cease its efforts to raise volunteers, especially while government bounties last. If an excess should be raised by any town, it would only be providing, when the labor is light, for a call that will come when a much greater effort would be necessary to answer it. Your General Order some time since is so sound and wise, that I am led to hope there will be no abatement in volunteering in your State for some time to come.

Provost Marshal General.