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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1864 Report

Appendix B

Adjutant and Inspector General to Provost Marshal General

February 15, 1864.

Col. James B. Fry, Prov. Marshal General,
Washington, D. C.

Am I to understand from your telegram, just received, that Vermont is to be charged with her quota of 500,000 men, based upon the enrolment, and credited with the whole number furnished under the draft, and with the surplus furnished beyond her quota under the last call for 300,000 volunteers, -- and that, besides this, which will apply mainly to towns deficient under the draft and under the call for 300,000 volunteers, it is desirable to raise al the men practicable, within the time allowed? Many towns are to hold meetings in the next three days to vote bounties, and all are asking of me how many men are absolutely required. Many, if not most of them, if not informed, will dissolve and do nothing, as some have already done, through influence of Gov. Gilmore's proclamation, and want of other information. If deficient towns are to be required to make good their deficiency, is it specially important to them and to the State that they know it now.

Adjutant and Inspector General.