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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1864 Report

Appendix B

[Circular No. 51.]

Office A. A. Provost Marshal General
Brattleboro, Vt., July 29, 1864.

In accordance with instructions received from the Provost Marshal General, the recruiting for the several towns, under the late call, will be conducted under the immediate superintendence of the State authorities, and the following instructions and regulations are, therefor, announced for the information and guidance of the several Provost Marshals in this State, by whom all recruits will be mustered.

  1. The Selectmen of towns, and such Superintendents and Agents, as the Adjutant and Inspector General of the State may appoint, are announced as Recruiting Officers, and all their acts as such will be recognized accordingly. Enlistments, therefore, by Selectmen will be received by Provost marshals, and the Recruits mustered in upon them.

  2. A Clerk or Agent for the State, appointed by the Adjutant and Inspector General, will be stationed at the Headquarters of each Provost Marshal, who will receive the recruits from the State Superintendent of Recruiting, to be turned over by him to the Provost Marshal, who will receive and provide for them. Provost Marshals will accordingly, at once, make arrangements for quartering and subsisting a much greater number of men than their present contracts contemplate.

  3. The State Agent will present recruits to Provost marshals for muster, on certain specified days in each week, and they shall dispose of them on those days, or as soon thereafter as practicable, to the exclusion of any other business pertaining to the enlistment of other recruits or substitutes. The following are the days designated, on which recruits will be presented by the State Agent in each District.

    1st District. -- Mondays and Tuesdays of each week.
    3rd District. -- Wednesdays and Thursdays of each week.
    2nd District. -- Fridays and Saturdays of each week.

  4. Provost Marshals will forward one copy of the Muster-In-Roll of every recruit or detachment mustered, to the State Adjutant and Inspector General, through the person designated by him for that purpose. The other copy is to be disposed of as heretofore directed. The roll furnished the Adjutant and Inspector General will account for all recruits presented, whether accepted or not, -- the rejected recruits to be placed at the bottom of the roll, noting in column of remarks the date of their rejection. Recruits enlisted by Provost Marshals, and others than State Recruiting Agents, will be mustered on separate rolls as heretofore ordered.

  5. All rejected recruits will be at once reported to the State Agents, to be by them disposed of as the State may direct.

  6. To enable Provost Marshals to perform with promptness the duties devolved upon them by this order, they are authorized to employ such additional clerical force, as they may from time to time find necessary.

  7. It is expected that Provost Marshals and all other officers of the Provost Marshal General's Department will co-operate cheerfully and in good faith with the officers appointed by the State, in filling the quota of the States by volunteering, according to the plan herein announced.

    By order.

    Brig. Gen. T. G. PITCHER,
    Acting Assis. Pro. Marshal General.

Lieut. Vet. Res. Corps.