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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1864 Report

Appendix F

Adj. W. F. Corey,
3d Vermont Volunteers,

Sir;--I have the honor to report that about 3 o'clock p.m. of April 16, by order of Col. B. N. Hyde, commanding 3d Vermont Volunteers, Companies D and F of said regiment advanced through the creek upon the enemy's works, which were directly behind it about 20 yards, supported by Companies E and K; that the two leading companies, D and F, were deployed slightly as skirmishers, and charging upon the works drove the enemy from them, when they opened a destructive fire upon us, which was immediately returned with much spirit by the four companies. I soon saw three regiments of the enemy, the one on our right outflanking us about half its length, one on our immediate front outflanking slightly our left, and one advancing by the flank at right angles with the enemy's line and directly across our left flank. The last regiment was not firing. About one division reached across the right flank, and a company enfiladed us on the left. They had taken position about 35 yards in our front, and were firing from behind trees and a rudely-constructed log breastwork at that distance. After about forty-five minutes from our first advance I received the order from Col. Hyde to fall back, which I gave, and ordered it passed along the line. A portion of the men heard the order, and I supposed the whole did so, and fell slowly back. Soon discovering that all the men had not heard or refused to obey the order, I again passed the order to fall back, which was promptly and orderly done, bringing almost all the wounded. But few were lost in retiring, although the regiment on our left opened fire from their entire line. None, I think, would have been lost in the retreat had it not been that the water had been raised about 2 feet since our advance. There were about 192 men in the four companies, and the total loss in killed, wounded, and missing, as far as I can learn, was 82. But few, if any, prisoners were taken by the enemy.

I am, respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
Capt. Co. D, Com'g Companies.

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