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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1865 Report


The armament of the state is as follows:--

17,248Springfield Rifled muskets, with all equipments and accoutrements complete.
2,000Enfield Rifles, with equipments and accoutrements complete.
20Flint Lock muskets, smooth bore.
1,200Remington Carbines, with accoutrements, &c., complete.
500Smith's Carbines, complete.
1,200Remington's Revolvers, complete.
500Starr's Revolvers, complete
3Six Gun Batteries, Light Napoleon 12 pounder guns, bronze, with caissons, battery wagons, forges, and all harnesses and other equipments complete.
1,700Cavalry Sabres, complete.
450Artillery Sabres, complete.
5Six pounder brass guns.
4Six pounder iron guns.
1,700Sets Cavalry horse equipments.
2,720Rounds spherical case, (1693 fixed.)
1,600Rounds cannister, fixed.
585,000Rounds musket ammunition, elongated all cartridges fixed.
138,800Rounds Revolver cartridges, fixed.
120,000Rounds Remington Carbine cartridges, fixed.
25,000Rounds Smith's Carbine cartridges, fixed.


On the thirty-first of March, 1863, I presented for adjustment by the War Department at Washington the accounts, which had accrued in favor of the State against the United States from November, 1861, to that date, amounting to $32,346.04, as stated in my Annual Report for the year ending October 1, 1863. No portion of these accounts has yet been paid. Of the whole amount, there are yet remaining in the office of the Third Auditor in the Treasury Department, under examination, accounts to the amount of $27,911.19. The residue of the accounts, amounting to $4,434.85, have been returned to this office for explanation, additional certificates and sub-vouchers, and in some cases duplicates, which require more labor and attention than I have yet found time, consistently with the other more pressing immediate duties of the office, to bestow upon them. It is believed that the whole amount, $32,346.04, is a just claim against the United States, and will be allowed and paid.

From the thirty-first day of March, 1863, to the thirtieth day of September, 1865, there have accrued accounts in favor of the State against the United States, which have passed through this Office, to the amount of $56,541.73. This amount includes accounts for the services and expenses of recruiting officers, commissioned to raise recruits for the army of the United States, of surgeons commissioned to inspect recruits, for medical services rendered recruits, for expenses of arresting deserters, for subsistence and transportation of recruits not mustered, pay of officers, for transportation of persons on military service, for telegrams on military service to and from the Adjutant and Inspector General, for payment of extra clerks in the Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, and for various miscellaneous expenses, necessarily incurred by the State in the raising of troops. These accounts have been paid by the State, and remain in this office in the form of vouchers. Much time and careful attention will be required in properly classifying and abstracting them, attaching to the the proper explanatory certificates, and placing them in the form required by the War Department, before they can be presented for adjustment and payment. This will constitute a very important part of the labor to be performed in this office during the ensuing year.

There are also, perhaps, some outstanding accounts against the State, which, when presented and paid, will constitute a proper part of the claim of the State against the United States. It is not believed that there is any considerable amount of such outstanding claims,--although some claims, which have been hitherto disallowed in this office, may be hereafter allowed upon the production of satisfactory evidence of their correctness; and others, which have been disallowed in whole, or in part, for reasons deemed sufficient, will probably be presented for further consideration and adjudication by the Committee on Claims. The records and files in this office will, almost without exception, furnish sufficient evidence whether such claims, when presented, are just and proper.

In addition to the above accounts, there have passed through this office since the 19th of October, 1864, accounts for expenses incurred in defence of the State against invasion from Canada, to the amount of $13,169.71. Of this amount, vouchers to the amount of $12,604.85 have been placed in proper form and transmitted to the Governor of the State, by whom it is understood, they have been presented to the War Department for allowance and payment. The vouchers for the residue of the accounts, amounting to $564.86, remain in this office, to be hereafter prepared and presented for payment. There are probably some accounts of this class still outstanding, but not of any very large amount.

Allowance has been made to several of the States by the General Government, for the amount of salary paid to the Adjutant General of the State, during the continuance of the war, in excess of the amount allowed to him by law previous to its commencement. The amount thus allowed to the State of Connecticut, is understood to have been the pay and allowances of a Lieutenant Colonel of Cavalry in the regular service, equal to about $2,800 per year. The principle upon which this allowance is based, appears to be reasonable and just, and will entitle the State to claim from the United States the sum of $6,900.00 for this item, in addition to the accounts above mentioned. The claim should, at all events, be presented and its allowance obtained if possible.

The accounts in favor of the listers of the several towns in this State, for the enrolment of the militia in August, 1862, presented for payment March 31, 1863, as stated in my Annual Report for 1863, have all been paid, so far as I have information. The accounts of the listers of the towns of Woodbury and Rupert, amounting in the aggregate to $55.75, were received too late for presentment with the other accounts; they have now been prepared in proper form, certified and receipted by the claimants, and, when certified by the Governor will be ready to be presented with the other accounts for payment.

The accounts in favor of the Selectmen of the several towns for raising volunteers in lieu of drafted men, in 1862, presented for payment March 31, 1863, were returned to this office, as stated in my Annual Report for the years 1864, with directions that a portion of the items in each account be placed in proper form upon new vouchers, for examination by the Quartermaster General, and that another portion of the items be placed upon new vouchers for examination by the Commissary General of Subsistence, and that the residue of the amount of each account be paid by the United States Mustering and Disbursing Officer, when certain specified sub-vouchers should be filed for each account. Of the whole amount of this class of accounts, which was $4,587.89, the aggregate of items required to be re-drawn for the Quartermaster General, was $578.84; the aggregate of items required to be present to the Commissary General of Subsistence was $906.35; items were disallowed by the War Department to the amount of $18.90, leaving the sum of $3,083.80, to be paid by the United States Mustering and Disbursing Officer as above.

The labor of preparing these accounts in accordance with the directions from the War Department, has been performed in this office. From each account, separate accounts for the Quartermaster General, and for the Commissary General of Subsistence have been prepared, each in triplicate, and each showing in detail the items required to be contained therein, and these accounts have been transmitted to the several claimants for their signatures to the proper certificates and receipts, and have been returned to this office, and are now prepared, when certified by the Governor, to be again presented for payment by the United States. From the original accounts, the items thus re-drawn upon new vouchers have been erased, the required sub-vouchers for the remaining items have been procured, and the accounts, with the sub-vouchers, have been transmitted to the United States Mustering and Disbursing Officer, by whom, it is understood, they have all been paid.

Since the thirty-first of March, 1863, the selectmen of fifty-two towns have transmitted to this officer informal accounts for the same general class of expenditures, to the amount, in the aggregate, of $2,746.96. These accounts were retained upon file until the decision of the War Department upon the accounts of the same class previously presented, should be ascertained, as it was deemed uncertain whether the accounts would be allowed, either in whole or in part. The decision having been obtained, the preparation of the accounts for presentment and allowance was commenced, and as much labor has been bestowed upon them, as has been consistent with the performance of the other duties of the office; but the work has not yet been completed. These accounts have all been classified, and a portion of the work of placing them in the necessary detailed form has been accomplished. The accounts of each claimant coming within each class, require to be placed upon triplicate vouchers, (making, in most cases, nine for each claimant) to be certified, receipted, supported by the proper sub-vouchers, abstracted, and presented with the proper explanations for payment. The classification of these accounts is as follows:--For Quartermaster General, $263.18; for Commissary General of Subsistence, $470.94; and for the Adjutant General of the Army, $2,012.84; total, $2,746.96.

Such of the accounts in favor of the several railroads in Vermont, against the United States, for transportation of recruits since March, 1863, as have not been heretofore paid and adjusted, to a very considerable amount, as is understood, rest in the form of requisitions, issued by proper officers, but which do not, in most cases, state the names of the recruits for whose transportation the requisition was issued, as now required by the United States Mustering and Disbursing officer. These names can only be obtained and placed upon the requisitions by a careful and laborious comparison of the requisitions with the forwarding rolls of the several recruiting officers and superintendents of recruiting, the muster-in rolls received, and other returns on file in this office. The accounts of the Rutland and Burlington Railroad Company have been forwarded to this office for that purpose, but I have not yet been able to have the proper comparisons made. Information has been received that there are other accounts of the same character, to a large amount, in the office of the United States Mustering and Disbursing officer, at Brattleboro, which are to be transmitted to this office for the same purpose.

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