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Adjutant and Inspector General Reports

1865 Report


On the nineteenth of December, 1864, authority was given by the War Department to Major General John A. Dix, commanding the Department of the East, to raise one regiment of cavalry for service in his department. On the twenty-eighth of December authority was given by Major Gen. Dix to the Governor of Vermont to raise within the State two companies of cavalry, as a part of such regiment, and on the twenty-ninth of December General Order No. 6, (Appendix A,) was issued, authorizing enlistments for such companies, and prescribing the time. Within a very few days nearly eight hundred recruits were offered for these companies. From the recruits thus offered the number assigned to each Congressional District and mustered into the service of the United States; and on the tenth of January, 1865, both companies, with one hundred and three men each, were organized by the election of company officers.

The remaining companies of the regiment were raised in the States of Massachusetts and New York; and it was ordered by Major General Dix, that all the Field Officers of the regiment be commissioned by the Governor of the State of New York,--the Colonel and Junior Major upon the recommendation of the Governor of the State of Massachusetts,--the Lieutenant Colonel and Senior Major upon the recommendation of the Governor of the State of New York,--and the second Major upon the recommendation of the Governor of the State of Vermont. The Governor of this State recommended, as Second Major, Captain Josiah Grout, Jr.,--commanding the company known as the First Vermont Company of Vermont Cavalry,--and he was commissioned accordingly.

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